By “classic” we mean the early 1980s, back when the “Class” system was designed and deployed. (Previous stories involved Cold War anti-Communist missions or dealing with aliens).

John held the title of 'The Superior'. Marvel Comics: First appearance: Comet Man #1 (February 1987) Created by: Bill Mumy, Miguel Ferrer, and Kelley Jones: In-story information; Alter ego: Dr. Stephen Beckley: Species: Human (empowered) Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability Teleportation Force field generation Concussive blast projection Astral projection Flight via telekinesis Accelerated healing factor (“The History of Comic Books.”  When the plan to distract Superman goes awry, Captain Atom fights Superman to protect the others, bringing the Man of Steel to a standstill where he admits he was chosen by the government to kill Superman should he go rogue. 'Bridge' assassins attempt to claim Max and his ship. Breach is killed when absorbed into Monarch in the last issue of Countdown: Arena. The superhero Blue Beetle starred in the initial backup feature, later replaced by a Nightshade backup series. He is capable of manipulating matter on an atomic or sub-atomic level at a limited scale. [3] In 2011, DC Comics relaunched its superhero comics and rewrote the histories of some characters from scratch, including Captain Atom, giving him a new origin, appearance and slightly altered powers. With his team of Eve of Shadows (Earth-13), Vampire Batman (Earth-43), Ray "the Ray" Palmer (Earth-6), the monstrous Scarab (Earth-26), Hal Jordan Jr. (Earth-12), Starwoman (Earth-7), Johnny Quick (Earth-3), Wonder Woman (Earth-34), Red Son Superman (Earth-30), and himself—the sum power of 52 Captain Atoms—Monarch believes he is ready to confront the Monitors,[15] and does so, finally launching his war on Earth-51 against the exposed Monitors. One of these pieces is found in the 31st Century, where he names himself Nathaniel Adym. Movie Review : Two Movies 1519 Words | 7 Pages . Please do not adblock us, our ads load is minimal. In the new continuity following DC's 2011 relaunch, Captain Atom has never been a member of the Justice League and the team views him with distrust; his character origin and abilities were also revised. Wonder Woman has also have had a very different background from Black Widow, growing up in the Amazon rather than being an orphan growing up with the Soviet military.

Benny is enraged by the sequence of events he has seen.

It is notable that he is one of the few superheroes with a "Captain" appellation that corresponds to a military rank he has actually held. The further one goes along the steps of the “Class” system, the less the number of the Class is correlated to what the character can actually lift. As an alternative to execution, Adam was "asked" to participate in 'Project: Captain Atom', a military experiment with a slim chance of survival. Stephen finds his sister and son living with John. Breaking through it causes Captain Atom to Quantum Jump as if he has absorbed too much energy. Upon return to Earth, Beckley is taken prisoner by David Hilbert, an old friend and secret 'Bridge' operative. The experiment involved testing the hull of a crashed alien ship's durability by placing a human being (Adam) within the metal craft and then exploding an atomic weapon under it. However, he somehow gained superpowers that included the ability to reform his body safely on the ground. As a result of Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-4, including Captain Atom and the other Charlton characters.
Knowing the usual steps is useful to know the *lower* bound of a “class”.

He can utilize his teleportation power consciously through the use of a "psiamplifier" device given him by Reed Richards. Culture has many different definitions. The level of strength portrayed can vary greatly, from just outside the "normal" human range of the strongest weightlifters of a given size or muscle mass, to nearly unlimited. Page Break Mrs. Galaviz This list may not reflect recent changes . He has on occasion used this to repel telepathic intrusions by downloading information directly into other telepaths. A tragedy drives him insane and he uses his powers in vengeance. In a 2005 issue of Superman/Batman it is made clear that Captain Atom survived the collision with the Kryptonite meteor, but has absorbed massive amounts of radiation and become a super villain described as a "Kryptonite Man." Dr. Stephen Beckley was the son of Jack Beckley of the United States Air Force. discipline. When he powered up, his hair changed to a silverish-white. Part of the issue may have come from not having a firm idea of the weight of extremely large objects.

In 2004, DC launched an ongoing series called Breach. By, Kyle Marxen Superhuman strength, flight, energy blasts, ... post-Crisis version of the character was introduced in March 1987 with the launch of a monthly comic written by Cary Bates (long-time writer of The Flash and Superman), co-written by Greg Weisman and drawn by Pat Broderick. Stephen pilots a craft through a tail of a comet and meets Max, a being from the so-called Colony Fortisque. Class 100 : classic Thor. "[4][7] It was revealed that the alien metal could absorb energy but past a certain threshold, any excess absorption would force it to jump forward in time, based on the amount of energy obtained. Atom has shown the capacity to absorb matter, as well as energy – typified by his absorption of the Captain Atom Brigade.