Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... To facilitate teamwork and fully utilize workspace many work sites utilize... What is cubicles? Relationships. ... What is accountability? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It’s also linked to an increase in commitment to work and employee morale, which leads to higher performance. It is tempting and the practice is questionable. If employees aren’t held accountable for their actions, important details will start to slip through the cracks. 100. Start studying ACCOUNTABILITY AND WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS. I knew the person I was talking to did not agree with what I was saying but they wouldn't tell me I was wrong. What is an incompetent boss? Miscellaneous Workplace Issues. Start studying Chapter 6: Accountability and Workplace Relationships - Terms and Definitions. It’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of integrity. Never say "you're wrong". 200. Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. Accountability and Workplace Relationships One tip that someone has used on me is #11. Being held to accountability is often the least desirable relationship a person can have with accountability, regardless of whether they’re on the ‘holding’ or ‘held’ side. Show respect for the other person's opinion. As the phrasing implies, this is a subject or area that someone has not naturally accepted or embraced accountability towards, and as such, requires some external force to “hold” them accountable. Accountability and Workplace Relationships Issued by National Workforce Career Association (NWCA) This badge demonstrates that earners understand the essentials of professionalism and are capable of devising a realistic strategy for their workday both in the short and long-term in order to maximize productivity and efficiency. 200. It’s also key to building strong relationships between employees (and even leadership). One who does not know how to do his or her job. Accountability in the workplace means that all employees are responsible for their actions, behaviors, performance and decisions. 100. However, accountability is lacking in … Accountability in the workplace is essential to the quality of the work employees produce. Shared Work Areas.