About DM Healthcare. In case of any medical emergency please contact 9177700177 or if at any time you’re concerned about your care and treatment visit your nearest hospital. to book your doctor for tele consultation now! Our online interface for appointment scheduling is very user-friendly and developed in mind with non-computer savvy users. While every attempt will be made to ensure comprehensiveness of the consultation, unforeseen situations may arise. You should visit your nearest medical facilities and consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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*The timings will be depending on the availability. If there is a blood test prescribed, we shall schedule an appointment for you at the laboratory. step 1. Consultations are done over the phone, or on a video call. Mobile No. Currently, Aster is providing remote teleconsultation services for a large number of its speciality services.

Aster Tele Support Centre” is offering Tele Assistance with our medical professional’s at “Aster Prime” hospital, “Hyderabad”. We use Microsoft Teams as the platform for the same. A Name & Nationality

Our team shall schedule your consultations with our doctors based on a convenient time for both patient and doctor. Aster now launched for online appointments making it easier for our customers to log in to their Aster Club. Our doctors are now just a click away. Email. Online Doctor Consultation … Considering the need of the hour, its important … For online video consultation / follow up please click and register in the below link: Considering the need of the hour, its important to stay safe and have social distancing.

Your doctor is on a call away.

Getting treatment through Aster Teleconsult or online consultation offers certain expected benefits and has certain potential risks. Verify Submit Resend OTP Change Phone No. or Log on to.

Accordingly, the diagnosis you will receive is limited and provisional.

Next. You will not have direct contact with the Aster physician rendering the opinion unless you decide to travel to Aster for an evaluation afterwards. Postponing doctor visit can lead to worsening of yours or your loved one's health. Your medical information will be handled with strict confidentiality, privacy and security; however, you should understand that there are risks associated with any electronic transfer process from one location to another.

You can also stay connected with our healthcare providers and access our online healthcare services, using the free Aster App. In order to avoid frequent visits to medical facilities, we are committed to serve you online. Request you to also review the detail “Patients terms” in the registration Web page before you register for the services. preferred time 1 preferred time 2.


[Aster … Expected benefits include easier and quicker access to medical care, and the ability to access care from many locations. Any lack of transparency of information provided by you or withholding crucial information including travel history will result in a wrong advise for which neither the medical professionals or hospital will be liable.

Online Consultation Fee. Call 0484 66 99 999. Potential risks include the remote physician not being able to fully resolve your issue over the phone, and lack of physician access to your full medical records, which may, in rare instances, result in allergic reactions or other adverse drug interactions.

Aster and the Aster physician is only rendering an online consult and does not assume any responsibility for my continued medical care or treatment. In fact, Aster’s online medical consultation services have all the elements that one would experience if he/she physically visited the hospital.

For online video consultation / follow up please click and register in the below link: https://bit.ly/ AsterTeleConsultation.

The Aster Teleconsult is very different from a regular face-to-face examination and that the Aster physician providing the consult is limited by the written information and imaging provided by you or your treating physician. Call us on 44440499 or send a what’s app message on 74799300 for any inquiries.

Name. Our doctors are now just a click away. Choose your slot; Fill in your contact; Our team will get in touch with you for your WhatsApp video call.

Aster Medcity offers, video consultation facility for its patients.

Aster Tele Consultation Aster Tele Consultation. *The timings will be depending on the availability.

This portal is not intended to handle any emergency. ... ONLINE CONSULTATION.

Aster Hospital and/or its doctors shall not be responsible for complete accuracy of telemedicine consultation, limited in its scope as it is, with no physical examination of the patient being possible. Aster Medcity offers, video consultation facility for its patients.