When Adam and Barbara saw it for the first time there first comment was “This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder”… not knowing they were in their own house…lol I think my favorite bad touch is the staircase, because it looks like it’s been spray painted with that “faux stone” product—a wooden staircase made to look like stone–LOL! Thanks,Trent, I remember watching this movie and actually thinking the makeover was kind of cool in an odd way. (Sweeny Beetle Corpse) - … Can you imagine being in that tall pointy house on top of a hill during a lighting storm? I guess I cringe more at the makeover, just too extreme into those trends at the time. One month before what would have been their third year in business, Neil had to close his doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday 5:00pm-12:30am, NEW YORK On the blog Ironic Sans, a resident of East Corinth remembers the day they shot the “bridge scene” where Adam and Barbara Maitland (played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) crash through the side, into the water: They built a fake red “cover” over the bridge (it was even a separate road that didn’t even lead to where they built the shell) that the Maitlands crashed through. Must hurry before the month ends. “Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween, which naturally led to me becoming obsessed with it,” said owner of Beetle House NYC, Zach Neil. I really hated this movie. I always yelled at the t.v. Thur: 5:00pm–12:30am Locations Manager(s): Mary F. Galloway Beetlejuice Filming Locations: The town of East Corinth, Vermont was used for the exterior location shots. Beetle House! Tue 8:00pm-12:30am tel: 646-510-4786 The original exterior is odd in the proportions but still wonderfull. . Inside, I would have had to have a interior redesign! When I first saw this movie, I hated what the new homeowners did to the house. They hardly recognize their own home. So dreamy. Follow Us On Facebook @Beetlehouse. The kids both said we were building the Beetle Juice house. One of my all time favorite movie houses! Tue 8:00pm-12:30am Thur, Fri, Sat: 4:00pm – 2:00am, 1714 N Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028 Wed:5:00pm–12:30am I actually love the house after they remodel it, very 80’s lol, this is the first time I noticed all of those huge knives in the kitchen hanging next to the door. Prefer the house before and thought it was hilarious watching Adam and Barbara’s reaction to what Delia had done to it. A band with a strange new sound? It’s perfect. I did love the original interior though. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The original farmhouse decor was – and still is – so appealing to me!! It’s been reported that Tim Burton originally wanted Sammy Davis Jr. to play the role of Betelgeuse, but studio execs insisted on Michael Keaton. Welch is married to Catherine O’Hara, who played Delia Deetz in this movie. Sun, Tue, Wed: 04:00pm–11:30pm Even at the tender age of 12, I thought the remodel was a great example of everything that was wrong with modern design. “I always wanted to open up a Halloween bar where every day feels like Halloween.”. Are you a comic with a unique voice? 10.15.12 at 11:28 am. I adore the movie, and always felt that the renovated house was more horrifying and creepy than any other aspect of the film, including Beetlejuice. Sunday 5:00pm-12:30am, Beetle House NYC | LA    © Copyright 2019. We are proud to announce the next location of Beetle House will be Washington DC. I remember seeing the car go over the bridge (“all quiet on the set!”). Let’s take a closer look at the Beetlejuice sets and how the house was transformed by its new owners into something memorably ’80s mod. tel: 646-510-4786 “And at 25% capacity, that would be about six seats for our location, so we can’t survive on that.”. Wed:5:00pm–12:30am Some of the exterior modifications are interesting, but then they take it way too far and ruin it. Beetle House, Beetle House! . Adam has created a model of the small town they live in. His model of their house is shown in the opening scene of the movie, with a large spider crawling over the roof: After their death, their house is sold to a couple from the city that immediately sets out to give it a more contemporary look: When Adam and Barbara see it for the first time, they’re horrified. We are always looking for unique acts to come perform at the Beetle House Specialty Show Room. Here, the ‘after’ framed view? Magician ready to wow? We would love to hear about your act. I still love Beetlejuice! Although the cobalt blue kitchen and Lydia’s room kind of look interesting and perhaps fit trends now?