P.S. Not for weeks on end mind you — there’s still a pandemic after all — but at least for a few glorious bites. Sushi Tama, which opened in a gorgeous fishbowl space on Robertson in West Hollywood a few weeks ago, will probably have one of the city’s most impressive omakase experiences from Tsukiji Market veteran Hideyuki Yoshimoto. Polish off a hula hula then venture to the mata niño (literally, child killer...), a sandwich filled with ketchup, grilled mortadella, and curtido. Expect a roster of raw and fermented vegetables, whole grains, local meats, and pasture-raised eggs from Stone Barns. I’m not saying that I’m headed to the plant-based sphere of food consumption forever, but I just need a break. Troya Mediterranean Kitchen: The Pac Heights spot is open from noon-9 p.m. daily for delivery and takeout. L’acajou Bakery and Cafe: Its SoMa and Oakland locations both offer breakfast and lunch takeout, check its website for hours and availability. Note that there is an option for meal donations to Sonoma seniors and families available on Tock as well, if the spirit moves you. Underdogs Too: The Parkside surf-Mexican sports bar is offering takeout and delivery, with a new closing time of 9 p.m. Vega: The Bernal Heights pizza shop has takeout and free delivery, call 415-285-6000. Montesacro: The SoMa Pinseria offers curbside pickup and delivery. Little Star Pizza: The Divis pizza spot has takeout and delivery during limited hours. That means eggs, bacon, tortilla, cheese, potatoes, salsa, and so much more, all wrapped up in a giant flour tortilla from the folks at Wake and Late in Downtown. During shelter in place, Oakland restaurant Delage is serving simple rice bowls with toppings such as seared salmon and salmon eggs out of the Berkeley Bowl West cafe. Chef Niki Nakayama has pivoted from modern kaiseki tasting menus to $38 bento boxes available to pre-order online at n/naka. There's squid karaage ($22) as well or the bara-chirashi ($115) selection of seasonal sashimi that serves two. The best way to support local restaurants? Takeout and delivery 3-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday. chinalivesf.com, The Fillmore Street favorite has a variety of tasty takeaway offers. Hard Knox Cafe: The Dogpatch location of the soul food spot has takeout and delivery. Be patient, as staff takes care with the grilled fish with black beans and rice, burritos, tacos, and even vegan proteins that are incredibly flavorful. The Fillmore Street favorite has a variety of tasty takeaway offers. Every day, he makes a new family-style dinner that can feed at least two people for somewhere between $40 and $55, depending on the ingredients — and the meals feel bountiful. But thankfully they retained their mentai oroshi, one of my favorites on the regular menu that comes topped with cod roe, seaweed, green onions, and bonito flakes. Cafe XO: The Church Street coffee shop is open for takeout. There's always at least one vegetarian option too, and each takeout order comes with a house salad and focaccia bread. Pebble’s Cafe: The diner at 852 Diamond Street is open for takeout and delivery, call 415-333-2270. ), and most Angelenos agree that the quickest path to making things just a little bit better, is with a breakfast burrito. The best takeout and delivery spots in the South Bay and Peninsula Soleil Ho May 30, 2020 Updated: May 30, 2020 3:34 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest The knife gently glides through the gorgeous layers with ease. You can also email prime@cotenyc.com to pre-order a steak care package, available for pickup daily from 12-9 pm. Though nothing can top the satisfaction of eating a piping-hot skewer just after it comes off the grill, that clean-tasting char that distinguishes chef Tommy Cleary’s approach to yakitori comes through in those skewers. 920 Heinz Ave., Berkeley. Hernandez doesn’t rely heavily on sugar, so the fruits and aromatics come through beautifully. The result is a very tasty tender that keeps most of its crunch in delivery. You’ll only need one. I spend 355 nights a year in hotels searching for the latest and greatest in the travel industry. Pa’ina Restaurant and Lounge: The Kabuki-adjacent Hawaiian restaurant is offering takeout and delivery from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Palette Tea House: The Wharf-area dim sum spot has a limited menu for takeout, and is offering a $10 gift certificate for pickup orders of $50 or more. Reem’s: The Arabic bakery’s Mission location is offering takeout within limited hours. You can help keep your favorite eateries in business by ordering food for delivery. Takeout has always been one of the best ways to try this busy Mexican restaurant in Logan Circle for chicken tinga quesadillas and more. In a way, we’re living in the golden age of takeout, so we’ve been checking out a mix of new and classic spots, in the hope of introducing a bit of variety to your once-a-week splurge. Here’s a comprehensive guide to dining in during shelter in place. Pampanguena Cuisine: The Excelsior Filipino restaurant has takeout available, call 415-586-8899 to order. Topped with two hearty proteins and you’ve got a memorable dish with generous portion sizes for later. I graduated as valedictorian from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and received a fellowship to attend the 2017 Wine Writers Symposium at Meadowood Napa Valley. The pani puri are pitch-perfect — delicate whole-wheat shells carefully filled with mung beans, potatoes, and jaljira, a cool liquid imbued with herbs and spices, and drizzled with chutneys. Sushi will be accompanied by A5 wagyu, grilled miso black cod, shoyu koji roasted sweet potato, panko-fried shrimp with sesame aioli and more, including variations of many dishes that might be found on their 13-course tasting menu. Each of the restaurants we’ve reviewed for this article has tackled the major logistical challenges of shelter in place in their own way, but they’ve all come to terms with the fact that, for now, takeout and delivery are the lifeblood of their businesses. 3901 West 6th St., Los Angeles. After shutting down for a few weeks, Mama Lamees reopened in April touting a communal feast available for two people ($45) or five people ($100). Garaje: The SoMa Mexican spot is offering its zapatos for pickup, order via this Google form. That’s fine for those who only need to eat salads for the next half-a-year, but for the rest of humanity there is Parsnip, the Romanian cafe tucked inside of Lemon Poppy Kitchen in Glassell Park. Email catering@nopalitosf.com or call 415-300-0029 to order. He’s planning to turn the Delage space into a hub for selling Delage chef Mikoko Ando’s sous vide entrees and Utzutzu sushi chef Joji Nonaka’s extra-special versions of chirashi. I recently enjoyed grilled pork ribs slick with a kimchi-peach glaze — ideally tender-yet-toothsome — on top of charred asparagus. The to-go boxes provide an added layer of protection when eating soup dumplings, so nothing gets on your clothes when the hot broth sprays out on that first bite. Spring lamb stew is seen from Oakland restaurant the Kebabery, which is opening twice a week with a daily changing menu during shelter in place. If you desire a bottle of refreshing rose and a cheese and charcuterie board to enjoy with it, Cultivar has you covered. Um.ma: The Inner Sunset modern Korean spot is launching curbside pickup and delivery. Is It Safe to Eat Takeout If You Microwave the Shit Out of It? Perhaps most heartwarming, rather than partner with a third party delivery company, the entire Masseria staff including Stefanelli are hand delivering these meals, using the restaurant’s catering van, their personal cars, and even a Vespa. The Butcher Shop: The high-end burger shop is offering takeout Tuesdays-Sundays from 11 a.m. until they sell out, with orders taken in person. The Best Credit Cards Of 2020. Order pickup or delivery here. After all, it’s been a hard week (month? Bella Trattoria: The Richmond District red sauce classic has pickup from noon to 8 p.m. and “limited” delivery, the menu is here.