I have never heard of this issue before. If you need to duplicate a restricted key, you’ll need to receive permission from the owner or provide proper documentation that you are the owner of the keys. I would imagine that making your own copy of the keys would violate some strata regulation. Whatever lock and key situation you find yourself faced with, know that Artie’s Lock and Key has the answers you need! perfectly legal to copy, but good luck finding a locksmith who will be willing to supply the blank or make a copy. If an organization utilizes a traditional mechanical key system for the entry points within their facility, they will continually be exposed to security risks, whether or not they collect keys from an employee exiting the company. In such a system, even when keys are collected from the exiting employee, management still must rekey the facilities in case other unauthorized copies exist. Dealership. While management may or may not devote much time and effort into a basic concept like keys, the different types of keying systems can actually have a significant impact on security, budget and overall company efficiency. “Do Not Duplicate” on a key does not guarantee the key cannot be copied. Do you need key replacement in Fairfax, VA for your home, business or other building? What is a do not copy security key ? Many new keys get cut with no questions asked. This may seem like a hassle, but the extended duplication process is necessary in order to preserve the high level of security restricted keys provide. With our innovative restricted key solutions, we remove those costly risk exposures to lost or stolen keys that can possibly be reproduced. Hi all, I have a restricted key which has “do not copy” engraved in it, which prevents me from getting a copy made cheaply in my country and forces me to buy an overpriced copy from the locksmith. They can tell you how to get the key copied. In addition, keys can be created in just a few minutes at a self-serve key copying kiosk. This is because most of the Do Not Duplicate (DND) keys are considered “unrestricted” keys, meaning they are just like all other keys. Assa Abloy Protect system is an example. Common keys are also called unrestricted keys and standard keys. Please enter your contact details and a short message below and one of our locksmiths will try to answer your query as soon as possible. By regulating and controlling the supply of certain key blanks, it becomes next to impossible to make a duplicate of those special keys. There, your locksmith will require specific sets of information, including your formal … While you may find a locksmith in Fairfax, VA who will not duplicate a DND key, many will without asking questions, making them a less secure option. "Very professional. You’ll need to take this permission to the original locksmith, or to a dealer that has been authorized to duplicate this key type by the original locksmith. Good locksmiths will usually ask for some sort of ID to get the key copied. At InstaKey, we specialize in providing you such solutions for lasting security and cost efficiency. For instance, employees might not put much importance on their issued work keys, but management can integrate policies that create that needed importance. We take our partnerships seriously. First, what are restricted keys? The new key was made very...", A Locksmith’s Dilemma: The Copying of Restricted Keys, How Technology Has Changed the Locksmith Industry, Car Key Replacement: Locksmith vs. There is another type of DND key that is actually illegal to duplicate. This prevents the duplication and manufacture of key blanks by anyone other than the original Locksmith. Using a serialized restricted key system avoids these costs and a risk exposure but eliminates an employee’s ability to make copies of their keys. The Body Corporate or Building Management usually take 4-6 weeks to make a copy of your front door key. Transactions are smooth, staff is professi...", "I had a few keys made and installation too, they did a really good job, had good prices and Rick was very attentive and knowledgeable! We’d be happy to help you promptly and provide our services with the ultimate level of care. ", "Even though I had service weeks ago, I still had to write this review. Usually the key blanks are found at certain locksmiths who are dealers of the key system (Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage Primus, Schlage Everest). What saves your key from being duplicated is only the moral of the locksmith. Keys can also be protected through design registration - a form of IP protection. Second, it is illegal to infringe on patent-protected keys, so locksmiths won’t copy them for fear of potential legal and financial repercussions. Simply put, solutions from InstaKey can be a tremendous cost-cutter to an organization’s budget while also significantly enhancing overall safety and security for all employees and facilities. A restricted key cylinder has an added security feature of a narrow and unique key shape that does not allow easily lock picking the same as a normal lock cylinder would. Was expensive, needed to give ID to prove I was the owner of said lock, and fill out forms. I looked around for one as well. But this isn’t the case with restricted key access. You must be a registered signatory to allow the key to be cut. Restricted Copies and Security Key Blanks. It is good to know that you can get a few different copies. Locksmiths and hardware stores do not have access to the key blanks used with these proprietary systems.