Chain of command for the individual departments proceeds downwards from Region to Area, Local, District, and Site. Arasaka Cyberpunk 2077 Laptop Sticker of video game for fans. The United States is home to some of the most regional offices. RPG Jo recently got served a nostalgia trip playing Sony's Spider-Man, as it brought back the exhilarating feeling of web-slinging from the PS2 days. Guards and soldiers are quartered and trained at specialized facilities around the world and throughout Arasaka served countries. The Mantis Blade is implanted in the forearm, and is hidden when not extended. They are society’s rejects and sworn enemies of corporations. All Arasaka soldiers are promoted from the guards. Solos can be delivered within minutes, however, as it is only a short hop by air to the Tokyo tower. Most of the bank's assets consist of corporate and government debt for loans. It is a sprawling complex of three large, unmarked, three-story white buildings. Most visible cyberware is considered acceptable unless it covers the face. Arasaka and its subsidiaries employ more than one million people around the world. A few months ago I played Cyberpunk 2077 for 4 hours, and wrote that I was hungry for more. The weapons manufacturing division of Arasaka was the original intent of the company when it was founded by Sasai Arasaka in 1915. Most of the soldiers and guards available will be typical contract types, but some will be elite solos. Through her strong and calm demeanor Hanako is able to command and lead with great pride for her work. She is loved by many people and often described as sweet and beautiful in the eyes of many Arasaka employees. Leader(s) Tokyo, Japan Naviera Comercial Sato, a subsidiary of Yokohama, owns other large ships, such as container ships, cisterns and submarine freighters. All guards carry an equipment belt including a company Trauma Team card, a belt-pack for the standard issue headset communicator, a mini light, a monoknife, identification, handcuffs, and an Arasaka WSA pistol with three magazines. Arasaka Security agents will lay their lives on the line for the corporation first and the client second. They are not cheap, but the investment is generally considered profitable. Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Wherever they tread, they command respect and instill fear. As head of Hatashi Shipping, She has access to a great deal of resources. In these situations Arasaka is powerful and ruthless, maintaining its reputation as a persistent and deadly adversary. Video Game The vultures swooped down on Arasaka, but not all of them would get their fill. Arasaka is one of the primary dark presences in Cyberpunk 2077, and the kingpin that orchestrates dodgy dealings all over Night City. Each one hoping their family patriarch, Saburo, would eventually hand the reigns over to them. Sasai had capitalized on wartime industry, but against Saburo's impassioned urging, he had made sure that the bulk of the Arasaka fortune was covertly protected in concealed overseas assets and accounts.[3]. There are discreet tactics for marketing the three core branches of the corporation. Arasaka already has more financial power in the industrialized world than any other single corporation. Arasaka has a secret resource that is more powerful than all its obvious forces: its secret influence on powerful people and corporations around the world. [2] Over the years, it has developed a dark reputation as a corporation that is to be feared and one which covers its tracks using assassins, an army of lawyers, as well an alleged connection to the Yakuza. Arasaka soldiers use many of the same items as the guards do, but they also have wider access to more specialized equipment such as heavy weapons, vehicles and so on. Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan On August 15th, 1945, the Emperor broadcast the edict of surrender and renounced his divinity. Uniform variations include plainclothes or various camouflage motifs. The total value of Arasaka's properties in 2020 was roughly 9.5 Trillion Yen, 475 Billion Eurodollars. Their services are exclusive enough to not require extensive publicity. Sizable contingents are always billeted and That of course is all unnecessary, as a detachment of Solo's are only a moment notice away at the Tokyo HQ. of Members Public outrage would quell down and everything would return back to normal. Since the early days of operation, the company would establish itself as a “wrong one to mess with”, making sure that no one had the guts to go against them. It is worth noting that most corporations, including Arasaka, do not always demand payment for establishing and maintaining a police department. Forearmed against the disaster the aging, but still able, Saburo was able to take the appropriate steps, and through his shrewd manipulation and investments, make the Arasaka Corporation one of the few commercial institutions to profit from the crash. When most people think of Arasaka, the picture in their minds is that of the blackclad guards employed by so many corporations, businesses and powerful individuals throughout the world. Arasaka service employees suffer the most stringent guidelines of all. Its major functional arms were still the Arasaka Bank, Manufacturing and Security groups. Usually, the weapons would end up in the hands of militaries, police forces or third parties that needed to keep the order through arms. RPG taking advantage of the war effort in order to increase its capital. Related: CDPR Developers Found Out Cyberpunk 2077 Was Delayed At The Same Time As Fans. [9] The new headquarters was rebuilt in 2070 after Arasaka was allowed operate in the US again. Cyberpunk Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Guards are the most visible manifestation of the Arasaka Corporation. There on a wide expanse of inhospitable land, several thousand potential guards, soldiers and agents go through tough courses in combat, security techniques, survival, infiltration, counter infiltration, espionage and counter espionage. If it is a particularly sensitive mission the home office in Tokyo will be contacted to prep a special operation to deal with the problem.