“The yew is a tree with rough bark, This rune of large concepts, of major projects and new and exciting adventures. But this voice does not only relate to opposing forces within ourselves (though it is wise to look there first) but can also show a need for concord between two people. Thus, the two halves of this rune can be said to represent the animus and the anima.

Horse-related meanings for the rune have to do with making progress, moving speedily and … Just before I sat down to write this article, I went for a run. Ehwaz recommends being open and receptive to new things and adapting to circumstances to make as much profit as possible.

It is important to identify what connects you, allowing you to be together, that is common.

Use Code >> black15, 3 Elder Futhark Runes for a Family [& How to Use Them], Elder Futhark Runes for Love [& How to Use Them], Elder Futhark Runes for Protection [& How to Use Them], 4 Elder Futhark Runes for Strength [& How to Use Them], 3 Elder Futhark Runes for Healing [& How to Use Them], 24 Elder Futhark Meanings Explained [With Origins], What Does The Eihwaz Rune Mean? heard hrusan fæst, I allow solutions to surface intuitively and this allows me to act in a timely fashion. It is important not to confuse this rune with Raidho or Raido.

Sound: and Symbolic Meaning: The horse as a vehicle of the soul in the other worlds, the divine twins, the union, marriage, the hero twins. Other examples of opposing forces that could be highlighted when Ehwaz shows up is the dreamer and the inner critic, the inner child and the voice of the stern father, the id and the super ego, the wild woman and the good girl, the mother and the whore… You get the idea. Ehwaz is the union of the masculine and the feminine, of the God and the Goddess, the tantric union. Raidho prepares Ehwaz for the shamanic journey between worlds. Odin, riding his horse Sleipnir, has the responsibility of psychopomp, guide of souls, who together with the Valkyries helps the souls of brave warriors to reach Valhalla. To strengthen the effect of the affirmation, you can draw the Ehwaz rune over a glass of water. I quickly resolve tension within by listening to my gut and trusting my intuition. Deepening your connection with Ehwaz. Does the Ehwaz rune keep showing up in your rune readings or has this symbol just caught up your attention? In the glyph of this rune, we can see two Laguz runes, one in front of the other, or two horses, muzzle against muzzle: feeling, empathy, emotion, love, sentiment. Immobility is synonymous with regression. The Ehwaz rune means progress. The horse with mystical powers is a symbol of strength, youth, and sexual power. hyrde fyres, You have to let yourself be guided by optimism and faith in your personal growth. They were so highly regarded that rider and horse were buried next to each other. Like the rider who makes an alliance with his horse, together you will have to overcome all the obstacles that prevent the growth of what you have undertaken. Health: the rune recommends taking care to prevent your health from being affected by this unstable situation. A personalized, disconnecting aside. Draw the rune on your pillow at night to allow your anima or animus to provide clear messages and guidance in your dreams. Draw the rune over your sacral chakra every morning to remember to allow for intuitive guidance and to not go against your gut instinct about any person or circumstance that arises.

Ehwaz is also the union between masculine and feminine within us, at the level of energies that balance and complement each other. The Eihwaz rune in Merkstave position can mark a delay in the path ahead, barriers that will stand against us and leave us stuck on our path.

Great Odin hung upon the Yew, and to him by him were revealed the runes of power. The horse has always played a very important role in the life of men, since ancient times, helping him in work, travel, conquest, and war. Interpretation: The Eihwaz rune, of the Elder Futhark, born of Yew, tree of power, tree of mystery. Ehwaz the rune union. I move forward with grace and dignity thanks to honouring my inner guidance. This is the right article for you to learn all you need to know about this rune, its power, its history, and its magic.

A major and necessary life change may be about to take place; either the onset of adulthood, going away to college, marriage, retirement or a change in profession. Magickal Spot is a witchcraft site dedicated to offering magical education, and we do this thorough explanation of the craft and its many nuances. [Upright & Uses], What Are Futhark Runes? General: trust, progress, concord, shared goals, integration – Reversed: lack of trust, disconnect from intuitive guidance, Love & relationships: harmonious romantic relationship, trusting partner, loyalty, spirit guide – Reversed: lack of trust and harmony, continuously going against one’s gut and choosing the wrong type of partner, Health/wellbeing: mind-body-spirit in harmony, trusting one’s gut, listening to one’s body and meeting its needs, holistic view of one’s health and being in charge of one’s own wellbeing – Reversed: going against the body by, for instance depriving it of sleep; lack of holistic understanding, leaving it to others to care for one’s body, digestive disorders, obesity, gut health issues, Business: ideal business partner, trust between collaborators, a trusted brand, brand loyalty – Reversed: lack of trust, mismanagement. It is possible that you feel the sensation of being at a dead-end: it seems that you can no longer proceed in any direction. I make room to allow for integration of opposing forces within. Use it in a more literal sense to bond with a horse.

Be dynamic. Ehwaz is the rune of motion, of the journeys (physical or shamanic travels). What does the Ehwaz rune mean? supported by its roots, Essentially, though the shape of this rune looks like nothing like a horse, it does look like two horse heads facing each other or two opposing forces coming together in harmony. To trust ourselves and bring opposing forces together within, we each have to learn how to integrate and harmonise masculine and feminine energy. This rune helps us to move from a … Contrast this with the shape of Gebo where the four ‘arms’ of the rune radiate into the world and you get a sense of Ehwaz having a more internal focus. The Ehwaz rune means progress. All my important relationships are built on trust and a shared vision. The goal must be to mature and improve, only in this way will you be ever closer to happiness. The Ehwaz rune can be challenging to work with because it represents both our power and our weakness; it is the rune of witches and trance workers who journey to the hidden places at the edges of the worlds and the depths of the soul. Help me to bring my mind-body-spirit into alignment and listen carefully as well as to act on my gut instinct.

Draw this rune over your cards or runes to remind yourself to always go with your gut impression about what they are trying to tell you. Your sense of purpose drives you, the yew lash a welcome sting to push us forward to our goals. The message that came through from Spirit was that allergy to horses is connected holistically to a sense of helplessness and inability to trust ourselves. Tarot card correspondences: The Chariot, Strength, The Lovers, Judgement, 2 of Swords, The Knights, Archangel correspondences: Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Required fields are marked *, Eihwaz Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes. We may be called to wait upon the will of the Gods, of those that will provide us with the path forward.