Over 50 ARC/INFO or Shapefile data layers for NC, SC, GA, FL coasts and offshore areas. Instructions on how to obtain weather and climate data online and from other resources. Sign-up for e-newsletters, Human Services: A satellite-imagery-based black-and-white mosaic of the entire State of North Carolina with a resolution of about 10 m. Sure!MAPS Raster (suremaps.html, D. H. Hill Jr. GIS Workstations) Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (Web) NC and national coverage. We’re excited to see how the list of apps grows as the community continues to use and build with Raleigh’s open data. Energy Data Resources for GIS (Web, Data Server, CD/DVD) Users can access several applications built by the City of Raleigh to help citizens learn more about their community and aid interaction with geographic data. View the Unified Development Ordinance Coastal Change and Analysis Program (C-CAP) (ccaplc.html, Web, Data Server) Public Access links, NCSU Libraries' collection of current and archived local government orthophotos, parcel data, street centerlines, etc. The Tool is a GIS-based application that consolidates all of the Division’s sites into an interactive map. + View more. Geology, Oil and Gas Fields and Geological Provinces (geolprov.html, CD-ROM, Web) Appeal my tax value + View more. Active collections are those that either are regularly updated, or that are the latest data version of a particular feature representation. EMS This item is managed by the ArcGIS Hub application. Federal and state sources for GIS data of coastal and marine areas, and ocean data. Hyperspectral Imagery (Data Server) Data related to political science, economics, sociology, psychology, education, social work, public administration, criminal justice, etc. Planning, Land Use & Zoning SPOT Panchromatic Imagery for NC (spot.html, Data Server) The Site of the Week is a series that profiles one ArcGIS Open Data site each week. Docs. In order to preserve the documentation of these collections, the archived page names are listed in parentheses, and may be found by going to http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/gis/old_files/{page.html}. Elections To make changes to this site, please visit https://hub.arcgis.com/admin/ Transportation Related Data (Web, Data Server, CD/DVD)

iMAPS is an interactive map of Wake County.

Links and resources for finding Census data, from the 1790 Census to the present. + View more. RFPs & Bids Census Data Guide (Web, Data Server, CD/DVD) Housing Affordability & Community Revitalization. Includes flood, hurricane, shelter, facilities, instrastructure, and background data. 30 arc second gridded population data. Enroll or manage vendor account, County Government North American Environmental Atlas (Web, Data Server) Transit RFPs & Bids Many of the datasets are updated at least once a day, while others are updated on a weekly or monthly schedule. The city used a hybrid design approach that incorporates simple CSS in the header and a few widgets in the body to create an informative site with many resources.

Over the course of 2015, working with our partners, we increased the number of data sets, built a technical support. Schools Open Raleigh A one-stop source for city digital data, services and information, Open Raleigh can be used to search, discover, view, access and download the City's geospatial resources. Register for Emergency Notifications 7.31 MB. Use one of the above links to access the most current data available for Raleigh or Wake County, NC. Explanation of Census terminology and data products.

This item is managed by the ArcGIS Hub application. Over 40 layers of global physical and cultural data at 1:10 million to 1:25 million scale.An alternative current data source is ArcGIS.com.

Housing, J Over 200 ARC/INFO data layers for an eight state area, including 22 NC counties.

Includes archived collections. + View more. Contains global geographic and attribute data at two scales: 1:3,000,000 and 1:25,000,000.An alternative current data source is ArcGIS.com. Data is available for download in a variety of formats. Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) GIS Data Base (saagis.html, CD-ROM, Web) Search the library catalog The County has been actively sharing data electronically for years, and while the methods of sharing have changed, the commitment to sharing and transparency remains. January 5, 2014: City of Raleigh, North Carolina. Tampa’s Open Data Share has become very popular in the Tampa community since its launch in the fall of 2014. TIFFs, shapefiles and original DBF data. Multispectral satellite imagery - Links to free downloads and NCSU Libraries' Collection. iMAPS. Public Meetings Calendar Recycling & Waste Disposal RFPs and Bids, s Wessex Estimates & Projections Birth Certificates Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) (esi.html, Data Server, CD-ROM, Web) Social Equity Atlas Research online databases Start a business

Recognizing the importance of continued improvement, the County launched its Open Data program in January 2014. Apply for child care subsidy Contact a Data Services Librarian for help. Wake County Government P.O. Having data fully integrated into a single, standardized data set allows the true power of GIS to be unleashed. It collected all authoritative datasets across ArcGIS Open Data sites to facilitate data discovery for geographies around the world. News Releases jobs Our open data is about more than just data; it is about working within our community and with our business partners to allow integration with consumer applications – in other words, meeting our citizens where they are and helping to improve their experiences. Upcoming events CD-ROM indicates offline availability. Behavioral Health Green Hills County Park Apply for a job with Wake County The link will bring you to an ftp page. Reach 3 Alpha hydrology, LULC data, and various environmental data sets, downloadable by river subbasin. View foreclosure information + View more.

Various sources for raster-based land cover data, including the National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD). Septic & Wastewater Follow the links for additional information about the data sets. opendata.odiqueensland.org.au Maps, GIS & Open Data Working behind the scenes From taxlots to building footprints to street centerlines, CGIS makes the layers work with state-of-the-art data processing tools 3D Data and Aerial Photos CGIS supports regional collaboration to bring the latest 3D data and aerial photography to local government and the public No longer available online. + View more. View Planning Board Minutes Crowder County Park Share your thoughts Weather and Climate Data (Web) ReadyWake - Be prepared! Showing what’s available in the world of open government and open data is a great way to illustrate what’s possible when data is released to the public, and hopefully will inspire citizens and civic hackers to continue to build great things. The Open Data Institute Queensland (ODIQ) is the first Australian international node of the Open Data Institute. Happy New Year! Wake County News & Events Census geography to Zip Code correspondence file for North Carolina, based on Nov. 1998 Zip Codes. Register to vote

Campus Box 7111 Recycling Geology data at 1:2.5m scale in ArcInfo, DLG formats. VOLUNTEER Perform a free Raleigh, NC public GIS maps search, including geographic information systems, GIS services, and GIS databases. Various geospatial data collections and sources that pertain to energy resources. If you need further assistance, contact Data Services. Download links and details for getting the latest Esri software, access to E-Learning, ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst Online, and other Esri services. Historic Preservation Environmental Services Data Integration. Our demonstrated experience, with projects such as NC Parcels and AddressNC, highlights our unique capabilities to assemble data to ensure project success. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Data (Web, Data Server, CD/DVD) HUMAN SERVICES Raleigh, NC 27606-7132 Committees

Agendas, Minutes & Video of Meetings, county ordinances Food Assistance View land use plans Historic Yates Mill County Park