Find Chemtech 1L Blitz Aluminium Cleaner at Bunnings Warehouse. Shop wherever you are, whenever you want. When booking crime scene evidence or sexual assault or driving under the influence blood or urine samples where GHB or its analogs or other unusual drugs are suspected, officers must specifically request that tests be performed for such drugs. BLUE NITRO GBL (gamma butyrolactone, geeb) Updated 2nd May 2012 GBL (gamma butyrolactone, 'geeb') is a clear liquid solvent. Thanks! I would be much more interested in ordering a small ammount to make sure it getss through and then order a larger ammount... A min order of 25Kg seems scetchy to me. Some even note that their product is being manufactured in an FDA approved lab; they further admit that this does not mean the FDA has approved the product itself. Scrubbing intrusive graffiti, removing varnish and many more! Visit our Shop Online page to learn more. This rust cleaner promises to give you excellent value for money and whilst it won’t remove rust from the source, it’s a fantastic rust stain remover. im not here for cleaner or antique stripping i just want to drink G im feinding i need it now 100 mils a day big job! DORMIR (BD) When cases identify the Internet as the source of the product and when the physical location of the Internet source can be determined, prosecution may be possible either under that state's laws or under federal provisions through the Department of Justice, Office of Consumer Litigation. It also has application as a chemical intermediate in agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and dyes, and as a solvent in textile production , printing and epoxy coatings. can i arrange a quantity of gbl from your australian depot ASAP Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. Hi mate I'm in Australia and looking to find a supplier, Can i please get a qoute for 100ml gbl cleaner and turn around times for NSW, Hi U said U BBl Cleaner in Aus warehouse very interested in purchasing some, Hi can you send me a way to contact im interested domestic shipping to brisbane Queensland, Hello. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Hello friend, plz contact me, I have tons of GBL in Australia warehouse. THUNDER NECTAR (BD) The Bosch Cordless Blower is very powerful with an air speed of 270 km/h. Cashless Payment - Use cashless payment to minimise contact. Label notations such as "Does not contain GHB" or "legal (or herbal) GHB" are literally your first clue that the product is an analog of GHB! SODIUM OXYBATE (GHB) 88. Also---NAIL POLISH REMOVER-UNK BRAND-100% GBL TETRAMETHYLENE GLYCOL (BD) Fast delivery. If anyone can get me anything from 100mL right up to a few litres then please get in touch. PROMUSOL (BD) 18 OZ, Nanolex Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 750ml, SKOUT'S HONOR: Professional Strength Stain and Odor Remover - Deodorize and Clean Pet Stains, Dog Crates, Carpets, Furniture and Other Water-Safe Surfaces - Laundry Safe, Aqua Mix Nanoscrub Powerful Abrasive Cleaner Quart 32 oz, Elkay 51300C WaterSentry Plus Replacement Filter (Bottle Fillers), MG Chemicals 408A-125ML Rubber Renue, 125 ml Liquid Bottle, Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet, 23 oz. GAMMA BUTYL LACTONE (GBL), Looking for a reliable Gbl supplier that can ship to Perth or has stock local. Many of the labels also foolishly discourage calling 911 when someone overdoses on these products, a deadly recommendation. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. REVIVARANT Create your own unique website with customizable templates. use protonmail, Hey bud, need a couple of litres delivered to Perth WA. Shop wherever you are, whenever you want. ENLIVEN (BD) (Also, see "Analogs Continue to Surface," by Trinka Porrata, drug consultant, December 27, 1999), Since GHB was forced off health food store shelves, marketers of GHB have found other ways to get GHB to consumers - in the form of chemicals that turn into GHB once ingested. 3 talking about this. Description. It is sold in the grey market, often as 'alloy cleaner' or 'rust remover' and smells pretty much like you'd expect an industrial solvent to smell like. REST-Q (BD) Easy to control ergonomic design. FX (BD)---ORANGE FX RUSH, LEMON FX DROP, CHERRY FX BOMB VERV or VERVE BVM (BD) Featured Products. you are secure that your transactions and identity will remain confidential. Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. They will keep looking for more analogs and more dangerous chemical alternatives. We pride ourselves on customer service, we aim to respond to all emails in a timely manner. Several products being sold via the Internet and over the counter throughout the nation as sports or nutritional supplements, sleep aids, fat loss aids or sexual stimulants are in fact dangerous analogs of the so called "date rape drug" gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB). Please send me a price on 1 litre. Though a precursor to GHB, it is also an active "analog" of GHB. XYREM TM (PRESCRIPTION GHB FOR USE IN ORPHAN MEDICAL STUDY), NOTE: There may be other analogs that will appear. 2(3H)-FURANONE DI-HYDRO (GBL) Kit includes buffer pad removal polish in a complete system. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. IndusClean™ Original Multi Remover 100ml. 12oz, Tonha Inkjet Printers Printhead Cleaning Kit | for Epson WF-2650/WF-2750/WF-3620/WF-3640/WF-4630/WF-7610/WF-7620/WF-7710/ET-2550/ET-2650/XP-410/XP-420/XP-320/C88/R2000/R2880 Liquid Printers (100ML), Premium Cleaning Products For Your RV And More, Trusted for critical screen cleaning in aviation. Wickr: Joshhhhhhh, Local stock available. Product Claims: Fights stress and depression, Stimulates Growth Hormone, Induces deep sleep, Relieves anxiety, Aids in muscle-building, Pro-sexual, Enhances Athletic Performance, Combats aging. Eagle One E300890900 A2Z All Wheel and Tire Cleaner, 64 oz. Find Cleaner All Purpose 2.2kg Tricleanium at Bunnings Warehouse. Any available in Australia or perth? Whether placed in Schedule I, II, III or IV in any state, GHB cannot be prescribed legally by doctors (except for those doctors specifically authorized through the limited, licensed federal research protocols) because it has been federally banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1990. Please contact me on wickr on memeandme90 for prices and delivery, Hi I need gbl sent to the gold coast is this available. If submitting a drink that may contain GHB or an analog, for example, officers should specify to test for GHB/GBL/BD. Several of the documented GHB-related deaths involve these products. These products and similar products are also starting to appear in powder and capsule form. Concentrated etching type acid based cleaner Great for aluminium trailer bodies, tanks, bull bars and dinghies Removes corrosion products and oxide films with minimal effect on the substrate Removes oil deposits, grease and grime prior to coating GBL Cleaner can be used for a range of ideas, cleaning alloys. We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy. Agencies are encouraged to examine their state laws carefully to determine whether or not GHB has been controlled, whether an analog law exists, whether it covers these products, etc., and initiate legislative changes as necessary. Can be mixed to suit any task - from heavy duty to general cleaning, Does not include caustic and is non-corrosive, Saves time and get the toughest jobs done quickly, Click & Collect your purchase in-store or we'll deliver it to you, Zip pay is now available to purchase products online. The names keep changing, but the dangers are the same. Top cleaner shop online. Visit your local store for the widest range of building & hardware products. SOMATO PRO (BD) MISCELLANEOUS-COMBINATIONS, Paint stripper with primary ingredient GBL (Woodman's Pride). And ship all orders within 24 hours post purchase. I’ve heard many people have been scammed while attempting to buy GBL online recently. Find Bosch Blue GBL 18V-120 Professional Blower - Skin Only at Bunnings Warehouse. The lab would only need to test for BD if GHB and/or GBL were not found. Local delivery, still interested. It is a prodrug for the illegal substance GHB, which means that the body naturally converts it into GHB. You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Many of these products are sold under the guise of "natural cleaners." There is a growing list of products being sold. OTHER SYNONYMS for GBL as per MSDS, GAMMA-6480 * AGRISYNTH BLO * GAMMA-BL * BLO * BLON * 4-BUTANOLIDE * 1, 2-BUTANOLIDE * 1,4-BUTANOLIDE * BUTYRIC ACID, 4-HYDROXY-, GAMMA- LACTONE * BUTYRIC ACID LACTONE * BUTYROLACTONE * ALPHA-BUTYROLACTONE * GAMMA-BUTYROLACTONE * 4-BUTYROLACTONE * BUTYRYLACTONE * BUTYRYL LACTONE * 4-DEOXYTETRONIC ACID * DIHYDRO-2(3H)-FURANONE * 4- HYDROXYBUTANOIC ACID LACTONE * 4-HYDROXYBUTANOIC ACID, GAMMA-LACTONE * GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRIC ACID CYCLIC ESTER * 4-HYDROXYBUTYRIC ACID LACTONE * 4-HYDROXYBUTYRIC ACID, GAMMA-LACTONE * GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRIC ACID LACTONE * GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYROLACTONE * NCI-C55878 * 2-OXOLANONE * TETRAHYDRO-2-FURANONE * 2(3H) FURANONE DIHYDRO, All rights reserved © 2000-2020 | Project GHB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.