You’ll learn his favorite marking gauges, dividers, squares, scribes or awls, marking knives, chisels, back saws for the layout, marking, and cutting of dovetails. I clamp the pin board in place with what will be the back of the case against the fence. Introduction: Why hand cut? After a good few hours of tuition I was hitting home my first hand cut dovetails, straight off the saw. Hand-cut dovetails were of course the fist thing I wanted to learn when I started my woodworking journey and that's what I started studying from the begining. Laying Out Dovetails with Christopher Schwarz. I never touch the side walls of the tails with the chisel either. I do not under-cut the joint either. Dovetail joints can be cut by hand as they have been for thousands of years, but power tools such as a table saw or a router and jig make the job much faster and accessible for total beginners. Third, to chisel out the rest of the waste, place your chisel into the baseline and undercut the joint … Great tool. This help to get a clean crisp slice through the tape. I tend to make all the cuts in the same direction first and then make all the cuts in the other direction. 7. I have to cut a housing dado in each of the side panels for a shelf before I glue things together, so I'll do that now. I cut 4" off then end of each of those pieces and glued them in as the spacers. Putting the joint together dry and then trying to take it back apart involves too much risk of breaking off an edge or a corner. Clamp in place. This method will eliminate them almost all together. The tool features two different ratios of 1:5 for softwoods and 1:8 for hardwoods. Sean Walker here on has built a beautiful version of a Moxon Vise. The wood type I am using here is African Padauk. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. It comes set to cut on the pull, which is how I prefer it. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them and I'll be happy to answer. put the knife blade against the side wall of the tail and pull it in one motion and try not to go back in for a second cut. I cut it down to 4 feet long, planed them flat, and laminated it double thick. Learn proper sawing technique and how to efficiently and effectively chisel out the waste. I use the 18 tpi skip-tooth blade as it is thin enough (0.090”) to be slipped into the cut left by most fine dovetail saws. 291, OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw Frame Deluxe Coping Frame/End Screw, Original, Newkiton Dovetail Jig Wheel marking Gauge Set with 1 Bearing Wheel Cutter 1 Locked Up Wheel Cutter 1 Screwdriver, STEELHEAD 6.8-Inch (170mm) Kataba Single Edge Japanese Pull Saw for Woodworking, Forged Japanese SK Steel, 17TPI Flexible Blade, Easy Push-Button Blade Change, Dovetail, USA-Based Support, Life Saw S-145 Flush Cutting Japanese handsaw, SUIZAN Japanese Folding Ryoba Pull Saw 9.5 Inch Double Edge Hand Saw for Woodworking, Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw 125mm with Wood Handle, IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400), Shark Corp 01-2204 Dowel/Dovetail/Detail Saw Blade, ZONA 35-550 Fine Razor Saw, 42 TPI.010-Inch Kerf, Blade Length 6-1/2-Inch, Cut Depth 1-3/16-Inch, Shark Corp 10-2720 Takumi Ryoba 9-Inch Fine Cut Double Blade Saw, Newkiton Dovetail Jig Wheel Marking Gauge Multi Set, 1 Bearing Wheel Cutter For Soft Wood, 1 Locked Wheel Cutter For Hard Wood, 1 Metal Pin, 10 Woodworking Pencils, 1 Screwdriver Included, SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw Pull Saw 7 Inch Flush Cut Saw Trim Saw for Woodworking, 2 Pack Stanley 20-331 4-3/4" x 23 PPI Flush Cut Mini Pull Saw, Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw Flexible Blade, POWERTEC 71515 Dovetail Marker Guide – Woodworking Hand Tool for Precision Cutting and Dovetail Joint Making, Lynx LDB8R 8-Inch 20 tpi Rip Dovetail Saw, SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw 10.5 Inch Kataba Single Edge Pull Saw for Woodworking, ATLIN Dovetail Marker – Dovetail Jig Guide for 1” Dovetails Featuring 1:5 and 1:8 Slopes, GreatNeck N2610 - 26 Inch 12 TPI Crosscut Saw, Hardwood Handle, Wood and Tree Saw Hand Saw, General Tools 861 Portable Aluminum Dovetail Jig, 12-inch, Woodworking, Furniture Building & Cabinet Making With Router Bit, IRWIN Hand Saw, Coarse Cut, ProTouch Handle, 15-Inch (2011201), Gyokucho Rasorsaw Dozuki Saw 240mm No. Saw close to the tape but don't cross the line. There is too much risk of breaking off a corner if you try. They are fine and I know they will go all the way. It heats up the blade too quickly and it snaps. Chair Building Basics – New Video Series. I've been hand tool only woodworking for about five years now and I've gotten to the point that I can cut dovetails without any help other than a baseline scribed on a board. The fit was snug, and once I’d planed over the surface (which. The following is the culmination of what I have gleened from the internet and Youtube over the past five years.