Even at locations like TS Designs, which is less about retail and more about community, it's a tiny fraction of their overall bill. The leg opposite of that goes to ground (the car body.) "Any electrician can install a home charger, but depending on their familiarity with the equipment, we've found lots of variability in what prices people are being quoted," Wolf says. 5 Reasons to Get Started Now—and How, What Are Green Homes? Wear safety glasses, work gloves, and ear protection. Another great thing about this generator, is that it has a 12V charging circuit. DIY Electric Car: Home-Built 1.5 Megawatt 800HP Electric Powered 68 Mustang Fastback. And that was just for the electric drive system.I never actually calculated what the efficiency was for the liquid petroleum generator setup. Every electric car has a maximum charging capacity, usually between 3.3 and 10 kilowatt-hour, or approximately 11 to 30 recovered miles per hour. In my application, this is really handy. The plywood is mounted upright with steel angle brackets, and a triangle of plywood on the end for cross-bracing. The Volt, however only gets 100 miles at best, 40 to fifty miles at worst, and has no self recharging method. Chargepoint, for example, offers cutting edge "networked" charging stations to retail and business locations, and EV Solutions offers lower cost charging stations that can still be controlled via smart phone access—making it easier to charge for charging, or to restrict access to customers or employees only. 9 years ago Reply It also supports an "ON" indicator light and an hours meter. Building your own electric car is an excellent lesson in automotive mechanics and electrical science. Of course, inviting people to hang out in your place of business is not without its challenges. Posted on Last updated: 04/24/2019 By: Author Justin. They actually use bunches of laptop batteries. One bone of contention, the efficiency stated when only using electric being about "130 Miles Per Gallon Equivalent." Attach it when you know you'll be driving out of pure electric range? From reviving the North Carolina cotton industry with 100% local t-shirts ("dirt to shirt" in less than 700 miles!) In the car, I mounted the electrical panel vertically to save space. With conversion to a hybrid, those now still need to be taken into account. Wire Strippers The maximum length allowed by the National Electrical Code is 25 feet, though the cord comes in shorter lengths as well. I've seen a truck that runs on wood chips, dry grass clippings, anything burnable. The more powerful a charging station is, the quicker you can recover range. This bracket is basically just a wood box, make of two pieces of plywood and some 2x4s. However, choosing the right charging station for your household can be quite a bit more complicated. 8 years ago It needs to be securely bolted down. You're completely misinformed about the chevy volt. in it's original location will use more energy to turn that you get out of it. Build Your Own Electric Car! The flywheel, oil filter, and muffler all are suspended BELOW the bottom of the generator. However, it might pay off to think long term. 12V relay Level 2 chargers, on the other hand, recover 25 to 30 miles of range per hour, explains Suzanne Guinn, director of marketing at ClipperCreek, an electric vehicle equipment company. 5 Reasons You’ll Want a Veteran-Friendly Real Estate Agent, Bundle Up! I'm a pretty big fan of my Craftsman Cordless Tool set. After the generator is running, it charges the 12V battery used to run the starting motor. That means part of the energy of the propane you are burning is becoming heat besides the heat loss of the engine itself. You want to be able to easily reach your vehicle with the charger, and you don't want the cord to be pulled tight. The propane tank mounts to the left of the generator. So Eric and his team have been working to make their break room a pleasant space to hang out—offering restrooms, wifi, complementary coffee and a chance to browse their wide selection of overrun t-shirts at ridiculously low prices. The generator was free from a friend, and I fixed it.The whole concept of the project was very similar to a Chevy Volt - an electric driveline with additional energy from another source once the batteries were drawn down.A Chevy Volt gets much better efficiency while running on battery power than when it does on gasoline power. I have the Range issue on my Zappino electric scooter so i bought a 900 watt generator and hooked it up to a schumacher 72 volt charger (10 amp). people have been turning ford rangers into electric vehicles for years. No garage? So take the time to figure out what you can, and are comfortable with, offering—and what, if anything, you'd like to get in return—and then make some choices about what set up and location is likely to work best for you. to love4pds. It doesn't charge the traction battery pack, but DOES top off the accessory battery.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH77btVH628http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS7X7jXt6hoFull specs on the Volt and the Leaf are available on their web pages, for anyone who wants to know the actual range, horsepower, fuel economy, etc.I AM a big fan of "gasifier" vehicles. For a Level 1 charger, the cost of the station will be $300 to $600, with parts and labor costing $1,000 to $1,700, according to HomeAdvisor. The only really nice solid mounting points were already used by the generator mounting rack to hold it down to the car frame. I suspect a growing number of businesses will start offering public charging—either as a perk for employees and customers, or as a more general good will gesture for the community. It's great to always have the right tool handy and not have to trip on an extension cord! Hell i will reward any savior(s)with some Grgich Hills Wine...Thanks -Treeology, Reply Did you address the propane tank safety issues? You can opt-out at any time. I would think all you have to do to make the passenger compartment safe is A) remove the hatch. This will not change much due to physics of vehicle, but the cost of electricity is about 1/2-1/3 that of gasoline /Kw which is what is mostly compared.Also in discussion below with rdelaplaza, one thing not mentioned is as you stated in the article, is that the generator is much smaller than what would be needed to run vehicle directly, which means this motor will be using less fuel even if it is not as efficent as it could be. For more advice on buying an used electric car, I would refer you to Shari Prange's recent article "Finding and Buying A Used Electric Vehicle" (PDF FIle) in Home Power Magazine No 119. Propane tank Heck, Eric even suggested you could use their grill if you invite him to join you for lunch! Essentially, this is an electro-mechanical project. Sami Grover is a writer and self-described “environmental do-gooder,” now advising community organizations. The other two pins on the relay are the wire from the remote cable, and also the ground. It's worth noting, however, that every location is different. That panel is an option for this generator, which allows you to turn the generator on and off from the front of the RV. It looks like Cookies are disabled in your browser. A new battery power cable needs to be run to the generator for the electric start. When I turn the key the relay is activated. Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). So your getting about 45-50 mpg equivalent. You should get a generator which generates 100% of its power at 12 VDC (there are a few with that will generate 12 volts; problem is that only as a small percentage of the total generated power.. not good) Then use those 12 VDC to charge the batteries directly, other solution could be using a 120 VAC 3 phase motor (very efficient; with an IGBT controller that will generate 3 phase current to control your motor) and feed the system with 10 x twelve volt batteries in series, that way you will only need a bridge rectifier (converts AC to DC) directly from the 120 VAC generator output to the batteries. It takes more energy to turn the fan than you get from a generator it would turn. Different chargers have different plug types, so your unit might or might not fit in your existing dryer outlet. That said, hanging around in the loading dock of a t-shirt factory to charge up for an hour or two is not exactly anyone's idea of a good time. The generator is small enough to fit in the back of the Geo Metro. on Introduction, This is a cool idea. It totally eliminated the fuel, exhaust, and cooling systems. Wood screws go down through the plywood top into the 2x4s and UP through the bottom plywood into the 2x4s. Put a motor at each wheel and you don't need a transmission. So, I just bought a riding lawn mower muffler. I like my Handi-Cutter for cutting air hose and the like. Circuit Breaker It seems just like mentioned here that i should be able to turn the ac to dc and have more amperage. I had no accurate flow volume gauge or something similar. What would change is the amount of power required to maintain that speed, but the slicker it is, the better. That lets the muffler hang, and then tightening it and the muffler to each other clamps the whole unit onto the sheet metal of the car.