No Sew Project: How to recover your outdoor cushions using f... See? Spooky porch decor and a Halloween Chair. Get a new look at your living without actually replacing the living room sofa and other furniture! Since it’s going to be around a lot of people, and possibly drinks as well, stains will be an unavoidable problem for cushion covers. Quesadillas made with slow cooker Carnitas. I've been procrastinating getting started. This tutorial from Georgina Burnett walks us through turning an old shirt into a cushion cover. I’m joining Sew... 30 Minute Square Dance or Poodle Skirt    I had a great time making a square dance out of this sheet. Top stitch the zipper in place making sure to stitch an even distance from the seam on both sides. If you have any questions make a comment below and I will be sure to get back with as soon as possible.F I N D M E+ Instagram : Blog: Facebook: Handy Homegirl+Twitter: O N T A C T+ Any questions, inquiries or collabs :******SUBSCRIBE********SUBSCRIBE********SUBSCRIBE********+ Subscribe to my channel here: T H A N K Y O UThanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Next, cut the excessive fabric (on the floor) off but be sure to not cut the pleated part. This will be measurement B. I'm going to the fabric store today. Every week we publish new guides for sewing enthusiasts – from reviews of the latest machines by Singer and Brother, to ‘follow alongs’ that teach you how to get the most out of your hobby. As a bonus, you can make them out of pretty much anything, with only a bit of stitching. Now rip out the basting stitches so that the zipper shows from the outside. A few ruffles go much cute to eyes! Cut out two pieces. This does not affect the price you pay, but it does help us to keep the site running. Iron the strips into place with an iron set to medium heat, following the manufacturer's directions for setting the adhesive. Because of that, it’s a much friendlier approach for beginners and allows people to sew the pattern easily by hand. Stitch the rest of the edges of your cushion cover. Then, lay down the second piece, good face down. I put a velco flap in the back. As a novice sewer, I’m trying to make a larger one – 50cm by 50 cm. Pull the pinned cover off, sew up the seams (leaving an opening) and when you put it back on right side out, it will a T! Add pleating to draw the fabric in and … Be sure to stitch from the same direction both times so that you don't end up with puckers! To make the no-sew cushion cover: pretend the foam is a gift box and wrap it as you would a gift, using fabric instead of wrapping paper. Now, stitch the end pieces onto the cushion tube taking the seam allowance you pinned. Open up both pieces of fabric, still face down. You will get much better results if you hand baste first . You will need to cut out three pieces of fabric for one cushion cover: one for the front and two for the back. Yup, I do post over at WR ... my pledge is ending just now. And yes – you can make your own cushion covers even if you’re a complete newbie! You can also do this by hand. If the latter, avoid fabric that may cause allergies. And I've done four cushion covers so far for my mother, so I hope these pictures will help you. Upcycle an old bottle to make a dish soap dispenser. Are you making a throw-pillow cover or a sleeping-pillow cover? Great tips! Then, lay the zipper, good side down, at the middle of the bottom edge of your fabrics. It fit that shelf like a glove!You can make fabric covers for portable table tops too. Now, it’s just a matter of stitching along the rest of open edges of the cushion cover. Also for the sewing I used a 'jeans' type needle in the machine, since the upholstery fabric is quite thick. Lay down the first piece, good side up. The front cover would be equal to Measurement A on all four sides. Cut two strips of iron-on adhesive tape, each strip long enough to fit along both sides of the cushion. Below, we have two patterns to get you started. Buh-bye orange tweed in my camper and hello damask! Pin it in place. Update it by adding a new cover, and you do not always need a sewing machine to make a couch cover! you have so many fun things to share here as well and i can't wait to stop back and see more!have a fabulous weekend!juliette. For the cushion, I used the remaining fabric that I had cut off in the beginning and sewed the ends together and used velcro to close the seam. How to Make a Circle Skirt with No Pattern and No Side Seams! is part of the Amazon affiliate program. Finally, sew the edges to avoid fraying. Cushion covers are often subjected to a lot of rough handling.