Importance of religion Although the number of atheists is increasing at a ferocious pace, religion continues to hold sway among a large section of population. In addition, the festival provides welcome relaxation from the mundane routine as well as work pressure. They also are as likely to believe in God, although the share of religiously affiliated adults who believe in God with absolute certainty has declined somewhat. As was the case in 2007, most religiously unaffiliated people continue to express some level of belief in God or a universal spirit. Religion gives people in power the ability to control other people's lives as it asserts a domination over thier society. importance of solar energy in our daily life. Religion serves as a guide for people within society and it is safe to say that without religion, the society would descend into anarchy. Six-in-ten Americans (60%) view their religion’s sacred text as the word of God. • They are used as a way of teaching those who are unable to read bible. Religion has played a vital role in shaping thoughts and ideas of large masses of people and the society at large from the beginning of time.

Although religion remains important to many Americans, its importance has slipped modestly in the last seven years. Required fields are marked *. When looking for answers to questions about right and wrong, more Americans say they turn to practical experience and common sense (45%) than to any other source of guidance. While relatively few atheists or agnostics believe in heaven, a large share of those whose religion is “nothing in particular” and who also say religion is at least somewhat important in their lives do believe in heaven (72%). While Christians overall are more likely than members of other religious groups to say there are absolute standards for right and wrong, there are large differences within Christianity. Some countries have state sponsered religions, but here in the US most claim to be Christian.

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Churches, mosques and temples also govern the behavior of the people in an implicit manner. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. If you are believer in religion, the chances of mingling with like minded people are very high. It helps in organizing the social structure of the society. There has been a modest decline in the share of Americans who believe in God since the Religious Landscape Study was first conducted in 2007 (from 92% to 89%), and a bigger drop in the share of Americans who say they believe in God with absolute certainty (from 71% to 63%). Common belief, though and similar places of worship can foster friendship and love among people.

Roughly seven-in-ten Americans (72%) believe in “a heaven, where people who have led good lives are eternally rewarded.”. In modern world, the bitter reality of poverty is visible everywhere in big cities and towns. A person might use the word religion to define belief in God or way of life. Among the religiously unaffiliated, roughly three-in-ten (31%) say God is an impersonal force, a quarter say God is best viewed as a person and a third say God does not exist. As on some other traditional measures of religious belief, older adults are more likely than younger adults to say their religion’s holy text is the word of God.

This view is held by the vast majority of mainline Protestants (80%) and Catholics (79%), as well as smaller majorities of Orthodox Christians (68%) and members of historically black Protestant churches (57%) and about half of evangelicals (52%). But one war in particular which is taught in the classroom is the cold war, which was one of the most religious wars and for children to understand the main reason for these wars it is necessary for them to be taught religion in, Religion is an important aspect in today´s society an it is also an important part of the life for many people. A crucifix could be found in Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, whereas empty crosses are found mostly in Methodist, Anglican, and Baptist churches. Although the law could be very beneficial for the development of the country, the Church is against many of these because of its beliefs about sex and marriage. The only groups where significantly fewer than half say they believe in heaven are Jews (40%) and the unaffiliated (37%). Among members of other Christian traditions, smaller majorities say the Bible is the word of God. It must be noted here that a cross isn’t a crucifix unless it is marked with a representation of Jesus. About six-in-ten Americans (58%) believe in hell, little changed from 2007. Religion in the public square should be allowed. But there has been a noticeable increase in the share of religiously affiliated adults who say they turn to their religious teachings for guidance. He or she is not afraid of worldly problems but resolves them with discipline. For example, seven-in-ten Christians think of God as a person with whom people can have a relationship. Respondents in the survey who are affiliated with a religion were asked to choose one of three statements that best reflects their view of how their religion should engage with modernity. About one-in-ten Christians express no opinion or provide other views on these matters. 1420 Words | 6 Pages.

Among evangelical Protestants, for example, men are just as likely as women to believe in heaven, and young people are just as likely as older evangelicals to hold this belief. George Washington believed that religion was the stepping stones for the greatest possibility of human happiness. Numbers, Facts and Trends Shaping Your World. Similarly, more than eight-in-ten atheists and agnostics express this view, as do three-quarters of those whose religion is “nothing in particular.”, 1615 L St. NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20036 USA Most Christians who say many religions can lead to eternal life also say non-Christian religions can lead to heaven. Fewer religious “nones” now say they use common sense and practical experience as their main source of guidance in this area (57%) than said this in 2007 (66%).

Transformation from beast to human beings: Religious people are filled with compassion and self service that are qualities separating them from animals.