[128], In support of Modern Times, IU held her second solo concert series with three shows which took place in November 23–24, 2013 at Kyung Hee University's Peace Hall in Seoul and ended on December 1, 2013 at KBS Hall in Busan. Hilariously, everyone at the campsite wants to hook the 4 girls up with the 4 guys (the 4 guys aren’t back yet though).

IU was born Lee Ji-eun (Korean: 이지은) on May 16, 1993, in Songjeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea. They all laugh. After the initial viral post, viewers of 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' all over began claiming that they also had the disease, or someone they knew had caught it from, SNS users in Korea left and right seem fully convinced that they, or someone they know, are showing very similar symptoms to those mentioned above. They finally wake up and Hyori and Sang-soon ask him all kinds of questions on what was wrong. She really likes honey. All they need to do is poop next. [147], Two months after her solo concerts ended, IU made her debut performance in the United States at the KCON music festival held in Los Angeles on August 9–10. They clear everything and the plumber inspects it. he wonders what that is. EXPLORERS [6][7] Seoul Beats also highlighted the "personal quality" showcased in many of the album's tracks and praised IU's "growing maturity as an artist" and her willingness to experiment musically. Sang-soon tells Hyori that 5 more people will be there and Hyori tells him that they are at the halfway point almost so they are too relaxed. Dam-i comes back and IU runs to great her.

While some may be cases of copying the popular singer after watching her on the show, others seem to be homebodies who relate heavily to IU's actions.�, Are you guilty of suffering from 'IU Disease'?�. But now it is time for tea and Sang-soon prepares some for them all. [89], IU embarked on her first solo concert tour, titled "Real Fantasy", in June 2012. The friends come back with their 5th friend and IU shows up almost at the same time. The Katalk person is a solo traveler, a young woman. They arrive at the house and Jeong-dam is happy to see all the dogs. HYORI B&B

This includes three Daesang awards from the Melon Music Awards. She texts that she will take a bus and we see her getting on the bus. She performed the song live for the first time on the music program M! They finish eating and start to drive back to the house. You’re welcome to stick around if you like the place (but be sure to take your shoes off). Everyone looks like they are getting along really well so Hyori says they won’t enforce the 10:30 quiet time tonight.

In the CF Hyori chasing after IU because she eats to much Chocolate:-) maybe they can have a huge tent-like for construction workers.

It looks like IU is driving back to the B&B or maybe to the airport. Then they talk about taking baths together and Hyori says that it was her first time taking a bath together with someone. Superstar, Super human leaders, pastors, sinners They tried to eat some breakfast and cleaned the house. The wife jokes that she doesn’t want to have any more kids right now. Hyori calls and tells them that it is raining and she is driving back now.
Jeong-dam says that she saw them at the airport, the couple sat right in front of her. [81][132] The lead single was successful on the Gaon Digital Chart, peaking at number one, and became the 10th best-selling digital single of 2014. They cover the partition and turn off the lights. PREVIOUS RECAPS

Hyori – Goodnight. On April 23, 2009, IU launched her first studio album, Growing Up, with the lead promotional single, "Boo". The four friends clean their own dishes and then they show the older people packing up. It looks like he picks some Indian music that works well with yoga. They also have a little bit of small talk because she can read lips.

[270] She served as a VJ on MBC Game's Star for You and an announcer during player introductions for Global StarCraft II League in 2010. They don’t get it. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap Episode 1. [83], As promotions for Last Fantasy and its main single "You and I" continued into 2012 in South Korea, IU began preparations for her debut in Japan by playing two shows at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo to an audience of about 4,000 people on January 24, 2012. Her face is all swollen so she jokes about that for a little bit and the couple comes back in and says hi to them. [180] The Chat-Shire national tour began in Seoul on November 21 and continued to Busan, Daegu and Gwangju, before returning to Seoul, where it ended on December 31.

Then they go to the bedroom upstairs and see the chubby cat. they didn’t realize they would have a B&B back then. [247][248], For the first time in nine years, IU participated in a soundtrack album with the song "Give You My Heart" for the hit romantic comedy Crash Landing on You. But not anymore, lol. IU takes a little break to eat some chocolate, lol. Then she goes back to stirring. It is all the fresh seafood by the female divers. Then we then decide to go to G Dragon cafe on the coast. But should they drink? Then they bring up the four men who arrived and how they had to rent the camper. [292], Following the release of A Flower Bookmark in May 2014, IU was featured in commercials for the Chinese cosmetic brand, Qdsuh.

[69] The song peaked at number two on the Gaon Digital Chart and sold 2,031,787 digital copies in 2011. OPENING The other couple is driving in and they see the house. [1], With the success of her 2011 albums, Real+ and Last Fantasy, IU established herself as a formidable force on the music charts of her native country and further cemented her girl next door image as Korea's "little sister". [101] On December 29, IU hosted the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejeon, an annual music program, alongside Bae Suzy and actor Jung Gyu-woon. "[186] For her accomplishments in 2015, Ize listed IU as one of the "Persons of the Year", while GQ Korea named her as the "Woman of the Year".

Then IU spots them and Hyori gets a little embarrassed. Sang-soon has come back home with all the doggies. So, if you want to learn more, I suggest checking it out!}. The program's producers said of their host selection, "IU has been deeply acknowledged for her musical talents, moving beyond the image of 'Korea's cute younger sister'. [183] Containing 16 previously-released songs, Smash Hits was published by Warner Music Taiwan and topped the K-pop album chart of Taiwan's leading online music store, KKBOX, on its first week of release.