A. A. A. MG ZS EV is the most cost-effective electric vehicle on sale in the UK market, providing genuine EV performance and range, packed with all the latest modern features at significantly lower price than other electric vehicles. For a 7kW AC installed home charger or 22kW AC public charger it takes approximately 7 hours. The Soliton Jr. can easily handle the 550 amps for the times I need that kind of power. If you wish, you can also purchase a 32A Type 2-to-Type 2 charge lead. The EV calculators that people had published on the web allowed me to estimate the range fairly well. You too, can convert an MG Midget to electric. The MG ZS EV is equipped with liquid cooling to keep the battery to the optimised temperature for best performance and range. No, MG ZS EV is not equipped with pre-warming/cooling. Electrical cars are charged by connecting a cable with plugs between a charger and the charge socket on the vehicle. Since I'm writing this in hopes that others will consider trying a electric conversion, it's only fair I point out the costs involved. A. Yes, there is no risk to people near the charger or the vehicle itself. The kit is designed with both simplicity and safety in mind. Bridie Schmidt is lead reporter for The Driven, sister site of Renew Economy. With restricted space and weight limits that had to be kept to the original tare, Newell managed to fit 20kWh out of the Leaf’s 24kWh total capacity, split between space under the bonnet and behind the rear seats where the fuel tank had been. Newell bought the little blue MG-F roadster two decades ago and gave it a second lease on life after a mechanic declared its engine a goner. The most notable benefit of electric cars is that they have vastly improved energy consumption and do not contribute to air pollution. The dealer or retailer should apply for the Plug-In-Car-Grant directly on your behalf should you consider buying an MG ZS EV. No, in electric vehicles there are significantly fewer moving parts and systems, so maintaining them is easier and less expensive. Based on home charging, recharging MG ZS EV would be less than half the cost of refilling a petrol car for an equivalent range. There are a variety of companies that can provide home charger installations. A. Because there is no petrol or diesel engine, the brake vacuum assistance needs to be provided by a separate electrical pump. Newell bought the little blue MG-F roadster two decades ago and gave it a second lease on life after a mechanic declared its engine a goner. Compared to other electric models, the MG ZS EV has the battery mounted underfloor, low and centrally to improve handling and weight distribution. Suspecting this would ultimately result in similar issues – the head gasket had been playing up, for example – Newell declined the engine replacement but was reticent to take what had been the family’s daily vehicle to the wreckers. Powered by a 44.5kWh, water-cooled lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy a driving range of up to 163 miles from a single charge* on the WLTP combined cycle. This partly recharges the battery to maximize the vehicle's range. MG recommends the ROLEC 32A 7kW Type 2 home charger as the most suitable for MG ZS EV. A. My batteries have a capacity of 19.6 Kwh. The cost of an electric vehicle conversion is as long as the figurative piece of string – tales of up to $90,000 have been told here on The Driven. A. Benefitting from our extensive experience in the manufacture of electric cars and batteries, the ZS EV pairs beautiful design with outstanding technology. Metallic paint costs an additional £545 and £695 for Tri-Coat paint including VAT for all models, Prices correct at time of publishing April 2020. “I was able to pick up a Siemens AC motor that was made for a Ford Transit van – the company that had been making them in the US had liquidated, so that saved a bit of money,” he says. If you want an electric midget that feels like the real thing, then the battery weight is the limiting factor. This will depend on what charger is used and how much charge is needed. Cold outside temperatures will also reduce range. While I drive the midget almost every workday, I don’t ever have to go very far. If your like me and want to know more right away I suggest you check out the  DIY Electric Car site. More can be found about how to charge your electric vehicle at home in our article. “It’s more enjoyable to drive now, it’s quieter, it has more acceleration and pickup, it’s a really sporty good little car now and I really enjoy it.”. “The conversion cost me all up around $15,000,” says Newell adding that, “I had a lot of fun, although it took a while to do given it was only a hobby project and I did in spare time in a carport.”. To improve home charging speed, you will need to invest in a 7kW AC single phase home charger / wall box. I imported it, and landed [it cost] about $3,500,” says Newell. Classic MG owner Mark Newell says he is “over the moon” with the results of his 1999 MG-F electric conversion. The batteries are the largest cost, and your stuck having to use the LiFePo batteries over lead acid if you want the range with reasonable weight. The charging system and cables are all tested to ensure they can be used in the rain. Because MG ZS EV is a very quiet electric vehicle, it means that the pump can be heard more easily. MG ZS EV, like all MG’s, is engineered and developed to meet all regulations and stringent global safety standards. A. The company claims that with basic tools, an engine hoist, and the conversion kit manual, it can be done in around 40-50 hours. I did start with a ’77 midget, so I probably have a 150 lb penalty over someone who can start with an earlier version. Energy to heat or cool the cabin is provided electrically. “Shameful”: Victoria follows South Australia and imposes electric car road tax, Victoria’s EV hit means a sub $20,000 Nissan Leaf pays more tax than a Lexus, Using diesel to charge EVs in the outback is greener than you think, Classic MG owner “over the moon” with electric conversion. Offers Driving at urban/city speeds is better for maximising range. Yes, as the outside temperature reduces, this will slightly reduce the vehicle range. A. A. MG ZS EV comes with a 13A home charger with domestic plug. The locations of charging stations are available in the Satellite Navigation system of MG ZS EV, although this would need regular online updates to keep it accurate. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The motor is about $1,500, and the charger can be from $500 to over $3,000 depending on how fast you want to charge your batteries. Pushing them to 550 amps is not a problem. “It took two and half years including waiting for battery to be imported, and an adapter plate to be made, and so on,” he says. A. The car is approved to ISIP67 water and dust protection. The Warp 9 Impulse also recommends not going past 5000 rpm. The batteries I choose are 160ah, and can handle current draws of 3C, that is 3 X 160, or 480 amps for sustained periods of time. Can non-Tesla electric cars use Tesla EV chargers? This can be done either at a public charging station or at home using a home charger or by using simple 3-pin 13A plug charger (like that supplied with MG ZS EV). Due to regulations for electric vehicles, the MG ZS EV is required to be fitted with an exterior noise generator. A. The centre of gravity is also lower in an MG ZS EV which gives improved handling in all dynamic situations. During charging the vehicle can be locked to protect against theft. Based on average daily driving distance surveys for UK, the MG ZS EV has enough range to cover a week of driving on only one or two battery recharges. Azure Dynamics DMOC 645 water cooled Inverter with GEVCU, Type 1 charge port (I have cable so I can charge at Type 2 charge stations). Charge stations are also becoming commonplace, with high power chargers charging the MG ZS EV up to 80% in just 40 minutes. The controller can deliver 550 amps, and the batteries can deliver 550 amps. Electric vehicles are also required to meet extra regulated safety standards for high voltage systems. I urge you to check out various sites dealing with EV conversions. This site uses cookies. It is light and small which are key characteristics of good electric cars. The MG ZS EV is an electric vehicle with a large capacity underfloor battery and a front 105kW motor. Please remember that my range estimates seem to be conservative compared to other people’s claims. During charging, the battery will be set to warm to an optimal temperature, so that even on cold days the battery performance will be optimised.