Unlike companies such as Aquasana and Pelican, Morton employs “factory trained representatives” to answer customer questions. - Sal 6/21/12. AN LCD display is integrated into the water softener unit, and Morton has ensured 8-hour protection from interruptions to the power supply. If you’ve ruled out these three factors, then call your local water treatment professional ASAP. I recently had the Can I plug it into a regular non RFI outlet without damaging the unit? Brine Draw: Water Softener regen cycle - brine is pumped slowly out of the brine tank, through the water conditioner tank including a "slow rinse" when the brine is exhausted, 3. Going to all that trouble and finding that you've nicked or damaged an O-ring can leave you shut down while you have to wait for such parts, and chances are you need them anyway. Thanks for your time. In regards to that, the one that I have seems to be giving me some trouble. See REFERENCES in this and other water softener repair articles at InspectApedia's More Reading section. The final step is refilling the salt tank with water to make more brine for the next regeneration cycle. Barnstead Brand Filter It is NSF certified to remove over 97% of chlorine from the water supply and was awarded a Gold Standard of water filtration. A lot happens during this process. How Long Does It Take For A Water Softener To Regenerate? I’d recommend you call Waterite. That is done by the water pump or incoming water supply. Hi Craig, we don’t recommend water plants with softened water. It may be on a timed regeneration setting which would make it recharge at that time every night. I had just bought a house and I have a Kenmore Ultrasoft 150 installed in 2002. WATER SOFTENER REGENERATION CYCLE DURATION at InspectApedia.com - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. If the system was put out of service and on bypass it might be because the system was stuck in regeneration mode and needs cleaning or repair. 24 years for a Sears unit is pretty great! Given their history, it is unsurprising that over time they have moved into related products. The more water you’re using, the more often it will need to regenerate. This means that programming isn’t lost if the unit is disconnected for maintenance, or relocated within the home. Most valve’s internal batteries are designed to retain the time of day for up to 24 hours. Who knows, this issue may fall under Rainsoft’s warranty since you’ve only had it for 3 years. US$0.00, Concerns about Sodium and Potassium in softened water, Are you paying too much for purified water, How to change the resin in a water softener, 5 Basic Naturally Found Groups of Contaminants in Water, Alkaline water sellers make ridiculous false claims, Portlands fluoride debate: Is adding fluoride to drinking water dangerous, APS Provides Filtration System to the South Pole, Millipore court ordered to stop using lock out tags and software. So when a water softener "runs" it is in its regeneration or "backwash" cycle during which the softener pumps water into a salt tank to make brine, then flushes the brine backwards through the water treatment tank, then flushes the brine out of the treatment tank. It says Resin Source on the tank. It can go on for an hour or a day. If there is a demand for water while the system is regenerating, untreated water is available through an automatic internal bypass feature. If you own another brand water softener, I would call the company or search for the owner’s manual online. During regeneration, the softener cleans the treatment medium by reversing the chemical reaction that removes unwanted dissolved minerals from your water. Thanks. As with all of the salt based softeners we have reviewed, Morton Water’s softening systems all have a higher maintenance burden than salt free softeners. I tried adjusting hardness level and increasing it (even know I know it’s set correctly), but same readily. See WATER SOFTENER OPERATING CYCLES for details of what a modern water softener is doing in normal or service cycle (providing soft water) and what the softener is doing in multiple steps of its regeneration cycle. Call your city or municipality or you can request a free test strip here. Maybe allow some hardwater to bypass the system? You can further control how much salt is used by altering the “pounds of salt” setting. "ratingValue": "2", Obviously, households with more people will use more water in a given period of time than homes with fewer water users. "@type": "Product", How long before I notice the difference? The reason for my question is I got a call from the city about our culinary water consumption and it is extremely higher than normal which indicates either a leak in our home such as a toilet, or the water softener is recycling too often. If your water is very hard — something that’s common for us here in Minnesota — your water softener may have to regenerate two or three times a week. 05/16/2018 | Administrator | Kinetico, Water Softeners. ", [2] Culligan Mark 10 Water Softener 1994-1998 Installation and Operating Instructions (covering models manufactured after 1995) (1-96) 01881948.pdf available from www.culligan.com. Water softeners work by a process of ion exchange. The side that holds salt is 3/4 full. Spare Parts 4 lph 240 Vac, Barnstead MicroPure Laboratory Water Purification System - Provides Type I Ultrapure Water. –and a number of different valve types, as well. the softener and after adding more salt (flashing low salt content) we were unable to re-program A typical water softener takes about 85 to 90 minutes to run through its complete automatic regeneration cycle. Jamie,No, if you have a basic softener that just runs the regen cycle by a timer. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese. This is why softeners are usually programmed to regenerate at 2am, when it’s unlikely anyone will use the water. Your water softener must regenerate regularly. There are a variety of different water softeners out there but if your softener is giving you trouble and making noises–we would recommend contacting a water treatment professional asap. The 24 hr wheel is moving but the skipper wheel (the wheel with the paddles to engage the regen cycle) does not move. I drew a pencile mark on the wheel 4 days ago and checked it every day the line never moved. Of course, we’re a little biased, but we feel like the softeners at Big Box Stores (http://blog.watertech.com/why-not-buy-a-water-softener-from-a-big-box-home-improvement-store/) aren’t built with the same quality components as systems like the Reionator (http://www.watertech.com/product/reionator-water-softeners/). Pull out the timer knob and set the current time on the water softener's timer dial. I really appreciate to blogger who has wonderful sharing. I recently moved into a home with a 4 year old WaterTech SoftMax system. This is important because: Looking for a professional who really knows water? Hi Teresa: We’d suggest having your water tested. "@type": "Rating", An Automatic System Refresh programming flushes stagnant water from the salt tank every 7 days to reduce the chances of bacteria growth in the system. I don’t believe it is renege rating on its own. A Morton water softener should last 10-15 years with the correct maintenance, although it is likely that some parts will need to be replaced during that time. If the system keeps running for hours, then the water the water softener control needs repair or replacement. Don't leave the softener running forever - doing so wastes water and if your home is connected to a private septic system it will also flood and damage the drainfield. Watched Regen cycle and everything seems to run normal. { If you suspect things still aren’t right, ask for a water hardness test so you can see for yourself if the softener is indeed softening the water or not.