Our vet advised that even with several days of fluid treatment his kidneys would probably fail afterward and after much debate and soul searching we reluctantly put our beautiful boy down. After a while, Jinx stopped grooming so much and his coat seemed to be starting to recover. My vet applied Profender to my cats. There were no obvious side effects (except of course the “Stay away from me. Everyone is just fine. Our family members do include the furry kind.

I recently rescued a stray, male, Siamese kitten who’s estimated to be about 10 weeks old. I did have to seperate them so they couldn’t lick at each other. I called a lady I know that works with a rescue org and asked her advice. NO INFO ON SIDE EFFECTS was discussed. So when 15 minutes later she started drooling thick clear drool, having muscle ticks and her pupils were dialated. I had just purchased enough for my six cats and then did not use it. Temporary hair loss at the site of application occurs in some cats. I wish i had seen all of this sooner.

I myself am very health concious and quite suspicious of the health industry- but it’s a little different with your pets because they can’t talk. will be keeping my eyes open, should have read this site first, will update later. I’m always skeptical of new pet products, and insist on doing research before ever using, as everyone should do. (she rarely gets shrimp) And than kept eating again. A few days after the vet visit, I applied the Profender per instruction. I won’t ever put it on her again and will report to her vet (it’s midnight now so I won’t be doing that right away unless her symptoms return). I walked into my GP’s office and everything from pens, notepads, exam table covers to who knows what else were vividly displaying the name of the ‘medication du jour’ from the drug manufacturers.

I’ve used Profender from Bayer on four of my cats. Hazel was estimated to be approx. I dont think that it helped that she got her vaccines today ether. I sat and watched as each drug peddler came in with one perk or another; i.e. I can appreciate people expressing any emotion at a time like this. He did not display any of these prior to applying ProFender. I knew she had worms and it seemed like they made her uncomfortable. I thought it was odd that the other 3 adult cats I treated were fine, and that they seemed to have absorbed the profender and had no greasy mark at the application site.

Profender only treats hookworm, roundworm & tapeworm. I immediately got online and discovered this web site right away. I was lucky. They are trying to expedite their receipt of $, not trying to help me keep my cats happy and healthy. He was feral and chose to spend 31/2 years with us and forgot all his feral ways. We were never, EVER to come in contact with the spray while it was still wet.
She wouldn’t drink either so I gave her syringes of water throughout the day. i just applied profender on our outside cat and she started acting strange almost within the hour. Profender requires a prescription. You can still see the white powder looking spot on the back of his neck. I used Profender–so far no problems or weird symptom of side effects….but will watch my 6 yr old cat with caution…. We took them back to the vet every day for a week. My vet applied Profender for the first time on my 4 year old “midnite” female cat. I felt relief when I accomplished the task tonight. I can’t remember any other symptoms. He did not foam or vomit, but he did continue to lick it for the next several days. It worked for my cat who had tapeworms. Well…now I know what caused the condition first time around…how bad do you think I feel putting her through this all over again? They die off and exit the body through the cat's feces. Just as he seemed to pick up again and gain his movement and appetite, last night he ate his meal and was lying down when he started to make a strange noise.

A little more difficult to apply on long-haired cats.
– you really have to wonder what kind of crap you are subjecting this poor unsuspecting animal to. If you caught my earlier post, “Tapeworms & A Tapeworm Survivor”, you’ll know that I was the victim of tapeworms in the recent past. Wow, am I glad to have found this site! It is so, so sad to see all the product testing on these helpless cats and kittens! Cat Articles | Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling. It’s out of Austrailia, so it takes about a month to get it to the US. Place the tip of the tube on the exposed skin and squeeze entire contents directly onto your cat's skin.

Any ideas? The biopsy showed a very aggressive cancer that had likely spread from pulmonary tissue. Once Profender Cat Dewormer encounters your cat's skin, it rapidly enters the bloodstream and travels to the intestines, controlling and eliminating unwanted parasites. old, registered Maine Coon kittens approx. I feel this product has been very beneficial but of course some animals will have a bad reaction. Ran around like a wild cat. I actually thought it was more the Drontal than Profender, to be completely honest but now I’m beginning to wonder if I was initially right and the combination was a factor. I’ve used Provender on 2 my 3 cats. (The vet knew he had a heart murmur). The good news is now she is eating and drinking but has stopped and gagged a couple times. Just their expert opinion that he must be hypersensitive to fleas and one must have bit him at some point in time, so nasty chemicals should be administered. I DO NOT want to put this on my cats if it does like HARTZ. First, he lost his beautiful ruff. At least it was a lower dosage, and hopefully most of it got stuck in their hair instead of absorbed into their skin. Took her to vet for a checkup and rabies shot. It was a medical emergency as if he couldn’t relieve himself, it would back up into his kidneys and he would die. She became extremely lethargic and kept her paws tucked up under her all the time. Advantage is less expensive through http://www.petsupplies.net.