Tell Women You are Only Interested in Talking to Virgins, UAE Leader’s Wife had Affair with British Bodyguard, Destroying Both Their Marriages. But the batch of more than 1,690 episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” currently available o… It’s his first time in America even. Sargon was I think a bit nervous and very much out of his element. There's several posts just today about Sargon of Akkad being revealed as the next guest when joe mentioned it days ago. Adults find humor in PewDiePie's videos? 85% Upvoted. Sargon of Akkad is an "Anti-Identitarian liberal YouTuber" ( TRACKING THE WORLD'S MOST INFLUENTIAL SKEPTIC CARL BENJAMIN, AKA SARGON OF AKKAD AN UNOFFICIAL TRACKING OF HIS COMMENTARY, The full debate between Thomas Smith and myself at Mythicist Milwaukee's Mythcon. We are making our own whole generation of celebrities. He’s also the co-host, along with... #1562. Who is telling the truth? Tom Green is a comedian, actor, filmmaker, and talk show host. Sargon cannot be wrong on anything. save hide report. Daily Stormer During this episode of "This Week in Stupid", Sargon of Akkad delves into the recent news surrounding the regressive left and t... Who are the oppressed ethnic Kekistanis and why do they meme ? I used to be a subscriber but his giggling and douchebag attitude turned me off over the last year. yeah this is getting heated... thank god Joe isn't drinking lol. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in those article. Scotland: Women Succeed in Blackmailing Government Into Giving Them Free Vaginal Products! I can’t believe he hasn’t credited my diet program with his weight loss success though…. When even a fence-sitting wimp like Tim Pool publicly says: “Jack Dorsey is a duplicitous snake, I hate the man!”, then you know just how awful a human being we are dealing with. New comments cannot … I'm so sad at your skills.". Zyndr He just kept coming back to it and it made him seem like a immature girl having a cat fight. 276. Anti-identitarians oppose that. Andrew Anglin June 28, 2017. Close. Close. This thread is … This video was an absolute disgrace. Archived. nice, another pseudo-intellectual youtuber who can't stop talking about SJWs and the world-destroying leftists. Sargon of Akkad and Joe Rogan talk "bida" on the Joe Rogan Experience. All Rights Reserved. Sargon was I think a bit nervous and very much out of his element. A former member of the Eurosceptic populist UK Independence Party (UKIP), he was one of its unsuccessful candidates for the South West England constituency in the 2019 European Parliament election . We seek revolution through the education of the masses. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. And since he sources his news from international sources there's simply no end to the shenanigans that modern progressives get themselves into. - Source, Sargon... A Marxist student group at Swarthmore College is forced to disband, as they realize that they in fact don't represent the working cla... Redneck Revolt are a militant revolutionary anti-Nation communist movement that is rapidly gaining acceptance with far-left media outlet... Twitters most recent financial numbers have come out and they are shocking the marketplace and its users, as it appears they are stalling... Joe Rogan talks to Sargon of Akkad about his run-in with Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon. I bet Sargon was that kid in school who thought he knew everything in class and would debate back and forth with the teacher even when he was embarrassingly wrong, “Conan: The Barbarian (Complete Collection)” by Robert E. Howard, “Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals” by Saul D. Alinsky, “Force and Fanaticism: Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Beyond” by Simon Ross Valentine, “Wealth, Poverty and Politics” by Thomas Sowell, “Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson, “Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies” by Jared M. Diamond,, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “Georgi Georgiev Our website relies on internet advertisements to pay the bills. 28 comments. Tbh I got a little bit bored and didn’t make it through the whole thing, but it’s a pretty landmark development. When I hear advanced I think not cavemen, as in architecture, astronomy, etc, a place where they've advanced past basic survival. Sargon refuses to be impressed by stone masonry and it's driving Joe fucking nuts lmao. Adam Alter is a Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business... #1563. #1569. they're videos for 13 year old gamers lol not surprised. 1 hour ago Powered by, Stefan Molyneux on Abusive Relationships, Atheism, Race and IQ, Sargon: Antifa are Soft, Middle Class White Kids, Owen Jones vs Donald Trump's Baby Balloon. Yea I love Sargon, Joe can be weirdly intense for no reason, happened with Crowder too. General Discussion Thread. June 28, 2017. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings... #1566. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, If you look into it long enough, sometimes it looks back. This just goes to show how hated Jack Dorsey is, and also how spineless and unprincipled Joe Rogan is. Ethereal theme. Stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator Dave Smith is the host of the Part... #1562. Oh shit, things were going well until Sargon just sorta dismissed Göbekli Tepe. So this begs the question, who's this imposter? Sargon of Akkad sits down and explains this, plus much more with The Amazi... Sargon of Akkad address the ongoing "trolling war" between 4Chan's Pol and Leftypol, in which they have decided to engage i... At the recent Vidcon, 2017, many of you will know that their was an "incident" between Sargon of Akkad and Anita Sarkeesian.