What not Warbird? He used androids, so that androids can think for themselves, and know what to fucking do. Boomstick: And that's why Captain Marvel lost by T. Ki. Carol Danvers, AKA the second Captain Marvel, and formerly Miss Marvel, is a character from Marvel Comics. Wiz: Ok ok BEFORE any of those people, it was kinda impossible for most to accomplish, considering where has was at. And shes tough enough to tank energy blasts from the mighty Thanos, and the Phoenix Magik. This time, right after she fired her last bullet, Captain Marvel rushed up to Android 18 and started to beat her to death with her combat skills. You seriously shouldn't forget these things! (Power Girl takes off into the sky, only to get blasted by Captain Marvel. Wiz: And not just that, Carol also possesses incredible combat skills, as shown with her spar-match with Spider-man, and it made it hard for Spidey to keep up with her. Android 18: Give me a break, lady. This fight will be featuring Android 18 from DBZ/DBS, and Captain Marvel from Marvel. That's playing dirty! I mean the last time we saw Binary in the comics, she was taken down by some alien guns. He was also questioned on how 18 was able to absorb energy in the episode when she wasn't able to in the series. Power Girl and Binary: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Boomstick: I told you it would be easy, Wiz. Boomstick: Like the finger beam, haha, talk about getting finger blasted, am I right? 18 yells as she powers up and hits Binary harder than before. Once, she flew from Broadway to the end of the atmosphere in only a minute and fifty-eight seconds. Boomstick: And from Broadway, she flew outside the atmosphere at the speed of Mach +246, which is REALLY frickin fast. Android 18 looked to the side at Captain Marvel, and saw that she was unscathed. Wiz: Not only is she strong, but shes also durable, as she can survive planetary re-entry with ease, and can fight off aliens even when shes depowered. Boomstick: As if all that weren't enough, Carol can open up an extra can of whoop-ass by absorbing energy. Carol appears right in front of 18 after the beam to punch her down. Ben later looked into the issue himself and admitted that an error had been made when including this as one of 18's abilities, but that 18 would still win the duel regardless. Ugh... Wiz: Actually, that's not at all what happened. ! The only way Marvel's power could match 18's was to absorb enough energy to reach her Binary form. Wiz: She's also a tad too much of a drinker. Stop this, or you won't like what comes next.". She managed to activate it, but Captain Marvel got up, and absorbed all the energy that came out of it. Android 18 teleported away to keep her distance, and then charged back at Captain Marvel. 0. Captain Marvel in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Then moving in to finishing them off. Binary appears right above the rock that 18 destroyed. Wiz: With these two being nearly similar to each other with energy attacks, and combat and strategy, this fight brought out the equal power between each combatant, though Captain Marvel edged her out in many ways. Boomstick: And Captain Marvel, the hard-hitting, high flying Avenger. I guess you could say, that Android 18 was marveled at Captain Marvel. Shes got superhuman strength, durability, speed, and flight abilities. The two found their arms nudging at each other, as they both tried to gain control over the other during the clash. Wiz: Android 18 is an extremely competitive fighter with numerous deadly abilities. Death Battle Season 1, Episode 4. She then launches a large ki beam that Carol absorbs, transforming her into Binary. Captain Marvel saw her robotic parts. They both fire energy beams at each other, and they collide as well. In some instances, shes even absorbed energy from the likes of Galactus, a planet eater. (*Cues: Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson - To Resist the Path of Evil Shinobi*). No luck. 0. Wiz: To be brief, the Red Ribbon Army was the greatest military force ever known; even greater than the earth's entire armed forces combined. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She previously fought Android 18 in the 78th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Android 18 VS Captain Marvel, and Shazam in the 107th episode, Captain Marvel VS Shazam. Captain Marvel is unbelievably powerful, with superhuman strength and incredible durability. Wiz: And that's just the tip of the iceberg. (edited by SuperLenSonicZ) 0. She developed energy absorption, flight, super strength, super speed and energy blasts. It was quiet. Wiz: Were you even listening? Now considering the distance between a New York City street and the exosphere, Marvel must have been flying two hundred forty-seven times faster than the speed of sound. It lies on top of a tall mountain in a tree with Captain Marvel standing in front of it. But she was also defeated by what is called, "True magic," a form of magic with frankly, no limitations. However, when she fired the next few, she activated her Android Barrier, and reflected it back at Captain Marvel. Once ended up in a deep coma after being attacked by, She was once kidnapped, hypnotized, and raped by the son of the villain, Immortus (No, am not joking) (The Avengers #200). Android 18 struggled to get out of Captain Marvel's grasp, but found herself getting thrown onto the ground.