CIA agent John Wells returns, in a cutting-edge novel of modern suspense from the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The Faithful Spy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Midnight House was the name of their facility. The author goes to great length (sometimes too great) to flesh out even the minor characters and sometimes the book drags a bit, which didn't really happen earlier in the series.

I think I’d read another!

That said, it was a quick read and I was eager to continue. Putnam's Sons ISBN: 9781101185261 Language: English Download options: EPUB 3 (Adobe DRM)

John Wells has just barely managed to stop an operation designed to drive the United States ... more, © 2020 Alex Berenson / All Rights Reserved, WINNER OF THE EDGAR AWARD AND This is what they told me a long time ago. That sa. This book is more a whodunnit than a spy novel. Be the first to ask a question about The Midnight House. 5 of 10 stars. The internal politics i thought dragged the book down a little but maybe that develops into something as the series goes on. The interrogators used whatever means necessary. For almost two years, they put the screws to the toughest jihadis, men thought to have knowledge of imminent threats. Come to Langley. When two men, both part of an eleven man ‘interrogation’ team at a secret outpost in Poland, known as the Midnight House, are murdered; CIA agent John Wells is called into action to not simply find the murderers, but to also find the story of the Midnight House.

six twenty-three ay em, the morning of the 23rd of february 2018, friday...still dark here, snow falling, a bit of a storm but winter is on the way out...246" of snowfall this winter...and i finished this one. Books that I can't wait to get back to reading are worth 4 or 5 stars. A brilliant re-imagining of events surrounding the notorious Cambridge spy-ring.". That night, a former Army Ranger is gunned down at his doorway. Wealthy widower Richard Keaton engages young widow Elizabeth 'Liz' Guinness as the 4th consecutive nanny for his pre-teen, equally science-devoted son Andrew, with instructions to disturb neither. Start by marking “The Midnight House (John Wells, #4)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. But this is the first time I m finding a character whose adventures are believable. The interrogators used whatever means necessary. It appears that someone is taking out members of a secret interrogation squad that was stationed at a black site in Poland dubbed the Midnight House (and we all know what "interrogation" and "black site" mean), and Wells and Shafer are charged with finding the killer. The Midnight House (eBook) : Berenson, Alex : For almost two years the ten-members of an interrogation team operating from a secret base in Poland called the Midnight House have been putting the screws to the toughest jihadis. This book is a dramatic change of pace from the rest of the series. 3.0 out of 5 stars A good effort by Berenson.

When they were disbanded, they were given medals for their heroism, Prozac for their nightmares. The book was with me wherever I traveled over the weekend, and yet I didn't have to find out whether or not John Wells uncovered the mystery behind a rogue unit of American soldiers, up to no good at a Polish prison and on the ground in Pakistan. The book takes a while to get going but once the investigation starts, the book starts to move and the pieces start appearing.The author keeps the pace brisk and interjects action throughout ensuring there never is a dull moment. My second John Wells. Isolated and exposed, he must play a role in which the slightest glance or casual remark can seem heavy with unintended menace. 3.75 stars, worth the read if you like this genre.

While it was a good effort, I found Michael Gruber's The Good Son a better examination of this issue, though that book was more from the side of the terrorists, this one presented the problems faced by Americans trying to achieve a balance in how prisoners are treated vs protecting the security of Americans and our allies. A good but not spectacular read. For almost two years, they put the screws to the toughest jihadis, men thought to have knowledge of imminent threats.

In Saudi Arabia, a series of terrorist attacks has put the Kingdom on edge. good read, four stars really liked it kindle library loaner. Penguin Publishing Group Release Date: February 9, 2010 Imprint: G.P. But the trail of blood he follows will lead him and his boss, Ellis Shafer, to a place they wouldn´t have imagined-and leave Wells facing the hardest of questions about the men of the Midnight House. Now Wells must find out who is killing them. Islamic terrorists are the likeliest explanation, and Wells goes underground in Cairo to seek them out. An international spy thriller. The Midnight House, where rendition cases go to 'fess and die. When he turns the tables and captures one of his watchers-mysterious operative Veronika Miklas-he is targetd by not only his enemies but his allies. The interrogators used whatever means necessary. Things slow down as Wells spends this book investigating a crime rather than fighting terrorists. good read, four stars really liked it kindle library loaner. Great book. Perfect for my "break" reading after hours of research and writing. While revenge by a former detainee seems the most likely motive, the trail soon leads somewhere else entirely - somewhere a lot c. Wells is summoned to Langley to participate in an off-the-books mission that is unusual even for him. He is one of the world´s best new thriller writers-and he is just getting started. For almost two years, they put the screws to the toughest jihadis, men thought to have knowledge of imminent threats. Reluctantly, and with the secret blessing of his former CIA boss, Wells begins to unravel the conspiracy, and realizes that there is more than one country at stake-because the plotters want more than the fall of a monarch.