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. The team brings in experiences from large global and e-commerce companies like Google, Amazon and Snapdeal. h�bbd``b`�$w���@��)�P̵ �& �Z b5�XS@�f�Hh� ��@B�������p�b``����L����ӿ �^I hޤV�n7���c��]�/@P@R�8�� Types of Paint Industrial paints and coatings can be categorized under two ty pes: those that are liquid, whic h include both water-based and solvent-based; and those that are solid, which include powder coatings. Latex paint cleans up with soap and water, dries quickly, has less odor, is non-flammable, easy to touch up, they Solvent-based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as the carrier. © Copyright 2020 GlobalSpec - All rights reserved. Coverage - Coverage is the substrate area that industrial paints can cover at a specific thickness. /Font << Marking materials include inks, coatings, laser marking materials, tapes, and other supplies used to identify industrial parts, products, materials and packaging. Substrates for industrial paints include: Industrial paints vary widely in terms of chemistry. By submitting your registration, you agree to our Privacy Policy. /F1 6 0 R FREE This paints guide help you to use the right paints for the house, residential, office buildings, commercial and other industrial building construction projects. Specific gravity - Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of the coating to the density of the water at a specified temperature. %���� Traffic Marking Paint, used on roadways, parking lots and airport surfaces, had a value of $530 million in 2018. Classification of painting products by their functions . The Highest Quality Industrial Surface Coating Products in Sydney, and throughout Available. Introduction to Paints & Coatings Paint can be defined as a mixture or dispersion of opaque pigments or powders in a liquid or vehicle. Include me in professional surveys and promotional announcements from GlobalSpec. The types of industrial waste water There are many types of industrial wastewater based on the different industries and the contaminants; each sector produces its own particular combination of pollutants (see Table 1). Epoxy - Used almost exclusively in aircraft components, are more resistant to environmental degradation than resins such as alkyds, which are typically used only in trim paints. Include me in third-party email campaigns and surveys that are relevant to me. Minimum DFT 150 microns by airless spray. VOC content - VOC content is limited by government regulation and represents the amount of evaporation of carbon compounds under test conditions. Lacnam has been a quality manufacturer since 1977. UNLIMITED h�b```a``Z "�o00 � 3P���cK�F�CWKm���������&T-��d�H�1X�~m�p�i������Dž{���#� ��a�C �t@�b`2�����0��J�����܃ |FV� �9 as well as subscriptions and other promotional notifications. We derive our strength and pride from our highly passionate team joining from ISB, IIMs and IITs. Please try again in a few minutes. Inorganic or silicate - use titanium dioxide as an extender pigment. BEST IDEAS. It was updated, expanded, and pub-lished in 1995 as the 14th edition, Paint and Coating Testing Manual (MNL 17) with Dr. Joseph V. Koleske as editor and contributor. Last modified: 2014/01/25 by dmitri_kopeliovich, Classification of paints by physical type, Classification of painting products by their functions, Water-borne paints based on water-soluble binders, Water-borne paints based on polymer dispersions (Emulsion paints), http://www.p2pays.org/ref/01/00777/alternat.htm, http://www.rsc.org/chemsoc/gcn/pdf/RoyMillerBQplc.pdf, http://nzic.org.nz/ChemProcesses/polymers/10D.pdf, http://www.hcs.ohiou.edu:16080/faculty/ziff_m/HCIA351/Paint406.ppt#260,1,Specifications, http://www.coatings.org.uk/default.asp?edit_id=321&nav=293&branch=5, http://www.observatorynano.eu/project/document/2528/, http://www.paintcenter.org/ctc/Coatmatl.cfm, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. endstream endobj 77 0 obj <> endobj 78 0 obj <> endobj 79 0 obj <>stream 3 0 obj Industrial paints are used in the aerospace, architectural and construction, automotive, and electronics industries. Alkyd Paints. Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems, Material Handling and Packaging Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Formaldehyde Resins (Phenolic, Furan, Melamine). These are a few types of industrial paints. In the next part, we will discuss some other types of industrial paints. Let’s look at the detailed description of various types of paint. Specifications for industrial paints include: Color - Colors vary widely and include black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. %PDF-1.5 92 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<244E69DC8CE81148AD373C9C23779028>]/Index[76 42]/Info 75 0 R/Length 89/Prev 149839/Root 77 0 R/Size 118/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Coatings include other materials that can be considered paint-like in their use such as varnishes and inorganic binders. ������X�5y��!��a5GJ�HKX���իj�&@WﰨۼN/>���������:��t)�Kv����C!�/�'��KNɫ�����7��H1��A�آ�:�;1��z��^��^{=��=����!�]�&'�oCz�^5�6��T��c֬kS�;��n�HyY�_O�:=�+fmS�۴��l"��b��9�٬w Čd�헋������t���~��Vi�Q'��4�����f. ��V�Δ��t���Uq�gi:SaX�npi�;m����zF��_ݯ�����ծ��0d���]�.ƿL��?��g��>w�_Eb���W��e��5���08�*���fݮF��u"Q-r��-�!`��v�����(����%����7�Uw�nn��f�ٵ��i������3r�S ��]4{��Z���٧��OŹGq�u��-�e��OKY��2�e%���� �Q��#��1�:�9Vޝ��q���� �5��g�Q�\���sm��S|:��@.�RЗ�U�Z=�c�'m@ ���1�H�1��5�[�( �N�Z�dA�� � ���Z#ޓ��/����Wߍ����x-}|.��8������0��:0�x>0����D��2�CF. 76 0 obj <> endobj Electro-resistive - include both conductive and nonconductive materials. Polyurethane - include a tough, rubber-like elastomer that is based on the condensation of organic isocyanates with resins containing hydroxyl groups. They are also used in marine, medical, military, optical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and textile applications. Industrial paints vary widely in terms of chemistry. IEEE GlobalSpec collects only the personal information you have entered above, your device information, and location data. WORLD'S These paints are made from alcohol and acid. stream Solvent-based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as the carrier. Some industrial paints are applied with brushes or rollers. Primers and finishes such as flat, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss are available. Main Types of Paint Used With Steel Standard primers Specialty paints 1. Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. /Length 2945 Paint Testing Manual (STP 500) with Mr. G. G. Sward as editor and contributor. Polyurethane SUMMARY Primers, specialized paints and finishing coats are applied to steel structures in order to protect them from the elements or for esthetic purposes.