iv) Jobs: To derive the maximum benefit from your online career event participation, aim towards sharing more than ten job vacancies. Finding the right talent to attend your online career fair can sound daunting; it requires creativity and a strategy to see what truly works for your organization. These executives are few in number and take rigorous and focused communication to attract. Let’s start with the features that you should look to include to make your virtual career fair achieve its potential. The convenience doesn’t end here; by using functionalities such as resume search tools, exhibitors can breeze through their recruitment funnel by immediately shortlisting talent. To ensure two-way communication, a well-designed event hosting platform will provide real-time audio, video, and text-based chat options for candidates to interact with employer representatives. Partner with a good marketing agency to develop an integrated marketing campaign that conveys a common message across all marketing channels, ensuring that you reach the most people across your target segment. The Virtual Career Fair will provide job seekers and employers with a unique opportunity to connect one-on-one through live text and video chat from the comfort and safety of their own homes. When is Full Sail University’s Virtual Career Fair? However, if you have more than eight documents, perhaps consider uploading the rest in the document repository to expand your presence across the virtual career fair resources. They help companies of all sizes and from all industries promote their employer brand, fill job vacancies with great candidates, and build a healthy talent pipeline for all job openings to come. The “live” aspects are confined to a small amount of time — for example, live chat and webinars are only scheduled for specific dates while the rest of the content, media, job boards, etc. The total number of booth visits: A user-friendly and visually engaging online career fair platform with exciting highlights such as webinars and well-staffed booths will be a great incentive for job seekers. With the resumes of these executives not typically taken at face value due to the advanced spectrum of experience they possess, unfortunately, the virtual career fair’s smart resume search filters and communication tools can do little to fuel their efficient hiring. Similar to the Lobby, the “Exhibitor Hall” in a virtual career fair is totally customizable to cater to your content preferences including: a) Hall background image b) Booths layout c) Static staff avatars. Job seekers should be able to initiate conversations with recruiters and booth reps using the audio, video, and text-based chat functionalities. Providing an impressive gamut of hiring tools, employers should prioritize scouting and securing a one-stop-recruitment technology to add all prospects’ resumes in one centralized cloud-based solution. How vFairs Is Redefining Accessibility For Virtual Events - vFairs.com, Royal Holloway, University of London’s Virtual Open Day Perfects Lead Generation, Royal Holloway, University of London’s Virtual Open Day Perfects Lead Generation - vFairs.com, Success Story: First Virtual Open Day for Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL), The Impact of Virtual Events on B2B Marketing - vFairs.com, What are hybrid events and what makes them an asset. What are some of the key checkpoints to mark off your preparation list? Total registrations: Using a dedicated online landing page to facilitate event registrations (prior to the date the virtual career event actually goes live), hosts can benefit from a larger volume of attendee registrations versus a traditional recruitment event. This will help identify the channels to adopt to spread the word: Meeting hiring targets is a priority for all businesses. Although the former is generally cheaper and quicker to set up, a tailor-made solution can deliver a far better return on investment because it is designed to bring you the results that you are looking for. Gaining access to talent with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, employers benefit from well-rounded candidate pipelines to aid collaborative and swift recruitment. To ensure flawless implementation, the first step is to determine the event type from the hosting perspective. DO NOT MISS: December 22nd, 2020. iii) Incorporate Q&A: Using a Q&A session allows interactive engagements to inspire talent participation and event interest. The effort pays off in spades, and as they say, nothing great is achieved without some old-school hard work. NEXT DATES: January … Pay attention to the technicalities in choosing the platform, for instance: These are only a few of the technical requirements that will shape your event functionality and utility, so spend time in listing all that you need from your virtual career fair and try to opt for a platform that lets you customize your workflows so you capture the information that you need and skip all the other fluff. Use an ATS to search through resumes, or use the inbuilt filters built into your virtual career platform — the goal here is to be as efficient with follow-ups as possible. Once you’ve studied these aspects and your team is on board with taking the plunge, you need to move onto drilling-sown on what your virtual career fair needs to achieve and who will help you get there. In diesem Punkt unterscheiden wir uns wahrscheinlich am meisten von anderen Studenteninitiativen. 3). 4). After deciding on taking your next career fair to the digital space and finalizing all the design and functionality features it should contain, you’re onto the most critical step of the process: finding the right virtual platform provider for the job. Eliminating the need for marketing materials and expensive corporate giveaways, virtual career fair features such as the Video Vault and Resource Center help to easily share company videos, photo galleries, FAQs, brochures, and more to paint an attractive picture reflecting company culture. A digital career fair captures pivotal attendee information during registration and tracks their event activity with precision to help measure ROI. But if you’re in a rush, here is the gist: Any effort dedicated to building an audience prior to the event not only ensures a larger event turnout but also contributes favorably towards your employer brand. If yes, then your exhibitor hall will be home to virtual booths representing your various departments in addition to staff avatars (e.g. Additionally, booths should enable ease of information exchange with tabs leading to content such as downloadable brochures, company job boards, videos, and chat options. How Do I Book a Stand? prerecording webinars, design customizations, content uploading, etc. Because of this, it becomes important to detail who owns everything on the cloud storage platform. By Jobs Canada Fair. One of the best techniques to increase your event’s engagement score among college graduates is to allow them to interact with both the speaker and their peers before a webinar/live discussion is commenced.