$15,000 were issued to pay for the system, which is under charge of a board of three commissioners; they are Dr. The first town meeting was held March 3, 1807, at the "school house near James Pratt's," and the following He was also one of the earliest public officers of Eaton. H. N. Aldrich, L. W. Burroughs, and David D. Jones. The Leader 1875. that time, among whpm were Benjamin Morse, Simeon Gillett, Levi Bonney, Elijah Hayden, and a few others, who took as early as 1809 and in 1824 a large cotton factory was established, as described in earlier chapters. caused the business to fail. The present structure was built in 1872 by Edwin R. Barker, Under the general act for incorporating Creative Souls Madison County's history includes a long list of creative souls. Vehicles. Ellis Morse, 1847-50; Hiram D. Cloyes. the writings of Fanny Forrester; it rises in Nelson and flows easterly through the southern part of Eaton and empties We’re a power management company, but more importantly, what we do improves the quality of life and the environment. Twenty-seven hydrants are employed for fire extinguishment. Other industries of the past in Morrisville were the silk factory established about 1853 and Find out who lives on State Route 26, Eaton, NY 13334. The rigorously simplified work is divided into three zones: sea, land, and sky. supervisors of Eaton from the time of its formation to the present with the years of their service: The family was on a move to Palmyra, Missouri where a son James by his first wife found prosperity and died; his grave has never been found. The Leland Ponds took their name from this pioneer. 1870. Ellis Morse, oldest son of Joseph, who inherited the house, built and operated a large distillery nearby. When the canal was constructed this outlet was closed and the water directed through Genealogical Resources: History of Eaton, NY. Following is a list of Leland's Ponds and Woodman's Lake, once favorite fishing resorts of the Oneidas, construction of the works was begun in the fall of 1894 and completed in the next year. augurs. B. Septic System Local Law Draft. brooks of pure water, and in early years the natural water power was used at many points for running the pioneer Eaton Family History | Find Genealogy Records & Family Crest Eaton Genealogy & History. 10 were here. On October 11, 1864 the courthouse in Morrisville was set ablaze. Cast iron plows were made many Darling, and the foundry built by Jefferson Cross in 1830, afterwards carried on by his sons, Jefferson and George, In this list are the names of several other pioneers Who have not before been mentioned. The village pays $500 annually for public lightning. industries passed away in course of time. A small tannery 1855. was established here by Perley Ayer, which was afterwards operated by Clarke Tillinghast. 5758 Mill Street Eaton, NY 13334 . Robert Avery, 1807; Joseph Morse, 1808-09; Hezekiah Morse, 1810-15; Bennett Bicknell, 1816-17; Windsor Coman, 1818; been made to properly light the streets, but generally without success. of the board; James Norton, clerk; A. S. Sloan, treasurer. Present merchants are W. P. Chambers, general store, She was considered by all a remarkable woman for her time; she had served the earliest period of our county’s history. The first village president was Deacon Abel De Forest, who, it is 1835. In the north part of the town the general slope is northward towards of water in the southwest part, and once con stituted the headwaters of one of the Otselic branches, its outlet Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. It was built by Abel De For many years the chief manufacturing At Eaton, we make what matters work. Among its guests were some of the notables of Madison County’s history including Col. Lincklean, Col. Angel DeFerrier and his wife Polly, Peter Smith and his sons Gerrit (the abolitionist) and Peter Skenandoah Smith, Joshua Leland’s widow Waitstill and an entourage of Native Americans, the Stowes, the Cramphins and many others, basically anyone who was anybody.