You are not limited by your label, race, or heritage. Your being evicted. You love to help people and animals and will go out of your way to do so. Help them get back if you do. What Causes Depression? You go without to feed the child. 21 Essential Angels Of The Highest Angelic Realm, Find ALL episodes of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute, DECLASSIFIED: CIA Explains Consciousness, The Matrix, Meditation, Holograms, Telepathy, Paul Dobree-Carey: Beyond Light Language – In5D Podcast, Spirituality Quotes From Psychologist Carl Jung, Change Your Reality With A Walk Of Gratitude. I was actually pretty blown away by the findings. Actual love of science and spirituality as it is one. Your spirit is the real you… even in the book of revelation, there are spirits of just men..look it up.. By the way; don’t let science confuse you. Because they connect at such a wise level, they often enjoy relationships with people much older than they are. Starseeds can be machinists, teachers, dancers, artists, politicians, or frustrated stock analysts, as well as depressed, joyful, wild, contained, limited, or expansive, just like the rest of us. Many of us (if not ALL) have been spiritually or psychically attacked by negative entities as well. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events. What do you do? The ideas and concepts around Starseeds come to us through channelers and, According to the channelers, Starseeds ar, An Indigo Child or Indigo Kid is an upgraded blueprint of humanity, a term that came up when addressing the. It is not my subconcious. Most agree that Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings, and to participate in the planet’s evolution. Follow In5D on Parler, Bitchute, In5D Club, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Patreon. X-Files, Medium, Unsolved Mysteries anything having to do with the spiritual and unusual. Never dismiss their ideas or call them silly. Star children understand that we are all connected and see no boundaries to this love. P.17. The ideas and concepts around Starseeds come to us through channelers and seers who regularly connect with the Akashic records. Anyone who has released their birth story, and the related accouterments, have initiated themselves into a more profound clarity. I BELIEVE EVEN THE MOST BITTER DESERVE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT TRUE LOVE FEELS LIKE. I fit your description 100%, though in this world, I am finding it increasingly difficult to be all-loving and giving. Thats normal. Star children will happily give away their possessions. I have a lot of empathy for other people because I want the world to become a perfect place. To any other child that feels that they have been overcome, I speak these words with tender compassion and real tears- remove yourself from the arena of pain reconnect with the One who sent us be restored and wade back into the fray we need you we are not quite done yet. })(); The CIA declassified a number of documents that relate to spirituality and consciousness, amongst a number of other fascinating topics! They are full of compassion for all entities in the world and may have a particular connection with animals, plants, and Mother Nature. Too many hurts. Beyond psychic awareness, they are highly driven and creative with a perception that sees through the established norms of society. I saw a premonition of my grandfather crashing the night before our trip and if it wasn’t for my grandmother I wouldn’t be here today he was at the spot where I saw him drive off of the cliff. 13. Here are some of the more popular and known types of Starseeds. I was “weird”. Not seeing our posts on FB? I have all but one of these am i still a star child. Is this an illusion? When I was a small girl, you could usually find me watching Unsolved Mysteries upstairs in my bedroom. Star children do not value one form of life over another, as they understand the interconnectedness of all things. Any other star child that wants to reconnect please leave a comment here…. There was no “one” event that changed me. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'in5d_com-box-4','ezslot_0',113,'0','0']));12. Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. But i am on earth to help. There is a strong possibility of you simply encountering a surprisingly compassionate and intelligent person who has phantom memories, thus causing them to believe they had a previous family or experiences prior to birth. This can occur when souls are in utero or at any other point in their lives. While that number is massive, imagine the billions of realms and planets that are hidden from view. Issues such as pollution and inequality upset star children because they understand they have such compassion for all of creation. Psychedelic Pharmaceuticals; Does a Psilocybin Drug Make Sense? All science can really prove is that your body is real in this dimension. I’m also a genius. I do remember things others cannot but im not sure. You’re a natural healer and channeler. Treat it like a corporation in the sense of needing a secretary, treasurer, etc…. I had very few friends because of my social awkwardness. I didn’t have the support to explore this side of me as a child. So get your self right. If you hated Physics then you wouldnt want to read that book. When the parents admit they don’t remember, the little boy replies, ‘Oh, no, that’s right, I didn’t do that with you, I did it with my last mummy and daddy.’. If there is any indication of violence or confrontation, you are out of there. While most Starseeds appear to have come to Earth to teach and heal its citizens, not all Starseeds are intent on helping us evolve. I HAVE SUFFERED MOST OF MY LIFE AND IM ABLE TO ENDURE MORE SUFFER SO THAT I CAN CONTINUE TO EVOLVE. While some say that Starseeds are tall and thin, or have big eyes and broad foreheads, a soul seeking its expansion will not require one physical type over another. Related: 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Recognize Crystal Children (Truth Revealed!) At some point, we all had a pivotal time in our lives where we spiritually awakened. We can make the change overnight… if we do it right ❤️. After the visit, her mother asked what she wanted as a reward for being so brave. I do know most of you only get one shot. Some already existed in Heaven & then came here. We might also be living simultaneous, co-joined lives in a variety of places, and within several spacetime platforms. Every soul, whether from this world or another, is fulfilling a purpose. You may have a quiet sense that you came from somewhere beyond this planet, and can imagine your physical appearance from prior lives, in other worlds. When asked what they would like as a gift, star children may request things for others less fortunate than themselves. It’s even easier to want to leave our lives and bodies so that we can transcend the Universe and become Everything. I pray EVERY DAY and read scripture every day… I am not into scientism.. although I am sure I was someplace else before here.. I have been to a hotel and I felt like I was being watched. All my life I’ve believed that I am here to make the world a better place and to get us to the next era of the human race. She came in spirit to hear the story and I was told she is a star child.