However, many companies claim their products to be 100% natural but that 100% natural may come with terms and conditions. In their website it says do not plant near plants. But before you call your local exterminator, a quality bug spray may be all that you need to terminate the problem and go to sleep soundly again. One application creates a bug barrier. Simply, you just need to hold it upright and use the nozzle in a direction that is away from your face. © 2020 The Scotts Company LLC. And this 100% organic insecticide is made from different natural oils like Peppermint and clove oil which imparts a strong smell to the product. Do you like having bugs in your home? Need an answer to a product question? Greenerways Organic Pet-friendly Bug Spray, #8. }. If you have tried other products and are losing in the fight against bugs, this insecticide has shown outstanding results even in extreme cases when the insects kept returning. Formulated with organic and essential oils like castor and corn mint oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, and geraniol, it is a safe and reliable formula (for use around kids and pets) for getting rid of insects. As well as, it is blended with vanilla extracts which imparts a sweet smell to the product that humans love but bugs hate! Do not use in areas where food is handled, prepared or stored. Indoor application surface spraying for spot treatment only. margin-bottom: .7em; Controls: That's why we've found some of the best bug sprays available — to help kill any insects that may be in or around your home, and prevent any new ones from returning anytime soon. Use it anytime, anywhere as per your convenience. It is certainly dangerous if your pet inhales it. You need not worry even if it comes in direct contact with your pets or other family members since it is nowhere going to cause any reaction. I poured the Ortho Home Defense Bug Spray (not concentrated) into a big 2 gallon sprayer. With this convenient spray, you can have peace of mind that the insects will not return for up to one year. This concentrate comes in a ready to spray container. And, for better results, directly spray it on the bugs if possible. Some of them do contain chemicals that might result in allergies. Half a bottle can cover 5,000 sq. Mostly, the container is more like a spray bottle which makes it quite effective to use. Is it a ready-to-use spray? What to Consider While Buying a Pet Safe Bug Spray? This has overwhelmingly positive reviews online and is highly effective, even compared to traditional chemical sprays. Also, the manufacturer claimed the spray is more like a natural alternative to all those chemical-based insecticides. Copyright © 2020 In addition, it is efficient in killing flying, biting, crawling, and stinging pests which include roaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, mosquitoes, wasps, ticks, beetles, moths, earwigs, and water bugs. Another plus point is that it does not leave your skin greasy or sticky and hence causes no irritation. border-bottom:1px solid #c2c2c2; div.custom-belimg .belimg-content ul li { It is formulated by professional exterminators and 100% guaranteed to work, of your money back. This Bug Soother spray is a super effective and premium product made from simple and skin-loving ingredients like Glycerin, Vitamin E blends, Castor Oil, Soy Lecithin, Purified Water, and Lemongrass. It is odorless, dries clear, is non-staining, and non-irritating to the skin. Identification GHS product identifier : ORTHO HOME DEFENSE MAX INSECT KILLER FOR INDOOR & PERIMETER 1 Product type : Pesticide SDS # : 320000005718 EPA Registration Number: : 279-9534-239 Relevant identified uses of … And here we are with a list of 9 best pet-friendly bug killer sprays which you should definitely consider using around. The safe, effective insecticide actually outperformed the toxic chemical, Dursban, in independent studies. While the other products are expensive with too much quantity and not that much effective in usage. ft yard. The MdxConcepts buy spray naturally kills as well as repels home-invading pests like Scorpion, Silverfish, Earwigs, Stinkbugs, Mice, Spider, Ants, Stink bees and many others. This formula took 14 years to perfect and underwent extensive testing and certification to ensure it could work as well as (or better than) conventional insecticides. div.custom-belimg .belimg-content ol { If you’re busy with some unavoidable adventures, then this spray-and-go Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent is the best option which you can get! Perimeter & indoor insect control. These are usually pretty safe around dogs. This Cedar Oil derived insecticide from Wondercide is another natural and effective bug spray. Above all, it’s not only safe for pets but also for your family members owing to its organic composition. Material Safety Data Sheet The Ortho Group P.O. And those are our recommendations for the best home bug repellents. This type of chemical is actually used a lot in a lot of the over the counter flea and tick products. However, the customer may need to be cautious of the directions and applications. The gentle formula is equally effective indoors and outdoors, so you can spray it in your home, around the perimeter, and even throughout your garden. margin-bottom: .8em; } Unfortunately, when you want to use the same stuff the pros use, you usually have to buy in bulk. INDOOR USE: For use a spot or crack crevice treatment. Apart from this, if you’re into camping, hiking, or even having BBQs in the backyard, then this spray will be your good-to-go companion always. Yes, it’s that easy. Mainly, your budget is the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re about to buy a product. div.custom-belimg .belimg-heading { Do not use as a space spray or broadcast application indoors. border-bottom: none; line-height: 1.5em; Do not use as a space spray or broadcast application indoors. Some disease-causing carriers (which spread Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, and West Nile) are also repelled by this product. On the other hand, lotion is usually more effective when used indoors. It won’t break down easily, so you can rely on it for all-day use. In the worst case, if it even comes in contact with your skin, there is certainly no need to rinse it off because it won’t show any side-effects. } Simply, you can spray around them. Therefore, for effective and on-point results, go for sprays. Bugs are more than just a nuisance; they can also be a health and safety hazard, so it’s important that you do something about the problem right away. Have you ever thought about how this part affects the buying of bug sprays? 8 pet friendly yard spray for fleas, ticks, mosquitoe. I thought Ortho home defence for lawn and landscape was used to make a barrier around the foundation of your house to keep the creepie crawlies, like ants, from coming inside. That’s why you are here looking for pet safe bug spray. It’s kind of a loop and they always keep coming back no matter what. Moreover, if the problem is not much severe, you can spray it once thoroughly after which the application frequency can be reduced. I forgot to put a name on the sprayer so I grabbed it and sprayed on my whole vegetable garden including the ff: (tomatoes, peppers, corns, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans). Thankfully, pet safe bug spray does not even kill them but also keep them away for a while. No further instructions on how to use or apply. #2. The same goes here too. Ortho® Home Defense® Max™ Perimeter & Indoor Insect Control Ready-to-Use provides a formula that is safe for use on all surfaces. If overexposed, your dog… is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. Generally, it comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle which should be used every 2-3 days to keep the pests away. The problem is that many of the active ingredients found in conventional pesticides like Cutter Backyard Bug Control and Ortho Home Defense are toxic. I'm a little confused. padding: 5px; Cutter bug spray is made of absolute natural and organic ingredients like Lemongrass oil (a natural insecticide) without the adulteration of any harmful chemicals. The orange peels also leave behind a fresh orange scent, which is much better than the chemical smell you will find with most insecticides. We have your back in this and you can go for any of the product to farewell those tiny uninvited creatures! This powerful, effective spray won’t harm plants, but will kill crawling, flying, and garden insects on contact. SHAKE well before use, hold container 30 cm from surface being sprayed and spray until wet. It is also one of the highest rated Raid products. This plant-based DEET-free insect repellent is made with 100% pure oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. To the fact, you don’t want to warm your pets with those toxic chemical bug sprays.