Switch and 60fps. Thats all, I dont know if they are trying to work on it, but they really should be. IS FORTNITE 60 FPS ON nintendo switch? What are the minimum device specifications to play Fortnite? It's not a simple "make this run on Switch" box that is checked. We have a lot of awesome stuff coming and cant wait to share with you. These Nintendo Switch … FUCK THAT I'M NOT SUPPORTING THEM!". And in Handheld mode, the Switch is automatically put in 720p. These look beautiful under different dynamic lighting conditions, especially when you’re skydiving through them.". This means the game will run smoother and with a crisper image. Or very close. the switch wasnt made for games like fortnite just buy a ps4 if you really want to play 60fps fortnite, Witcher 3 says "I disagree. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Nintendo Switch users want to play Fortnite at 60 Fps. I think since it is considered a crippled console, epic has little reason to invest in that effort. There are a few reasons (outside the obvious) why I would consider a Switch version VERY likely. In addition to the game looking beautiful, we have already seen many performance increases. Both those systems are more powerful than switch anyway. 60 FPS gives the Fortnite devs substantially more overhead with which they can scale down Fortnite to run on the Switch. Bricks reward posters, commenters, and moderators for their contributions to the subreddit. Even going into docked mode will not increase the amount of frames per second, it just goes from 720p to 1080p. 60 FPS gives the Fortnite devs substantially more overhead with which they can scale down Fortnite to run on the Switch. The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode by Epic Games. It seems Nintendo Switch users will most-likely never see the day of smooth 60FPS in Fortnite. Fortnite has been through drastic changes on the Nintendo Switch console to improve performance. Appreciate the platform for what it is. Care for a round of gwent? The vast majority of console players were not expecting this kind of performance upgrade, They optimized the game for all Ps4 and Xbox one versions. Love the music in pagoda of pain thanks for watching. Although it seems likely both platforms will receive the update, even if slight graphical changes need to be made. Sometimes, devs don't want to port something because the vision for their game is lost when cutting out so much. The Xbox Series X is marginally better than the PS5 in terms of specs, but perhaps that is enough to determine whether one can do 120FPS and one can't. Please support us and let's make it happen! However, I can wait. It lags sooo much. So I'm thinking there should be options in the 'Settings' for a 'Performance' mode. La personne qui a lancé cette pétition a décidé d'agir. :). Okay they optimizes the PS4 and XB1 versions...and? Press J to jump to the feed. If anyone here is planning on making a console ever, don’t use a 2015 Tegra 4, Yes, people are fucking dumb as shit in this community, Thats not how this works man i wish, the switch isnt good enough to even think about running over 30 fps. Obviously compromises will have to be made, but of course an already well optimised game is going to be an easier port. Care for a round of gwent?" The game's core engine will be used on all platforms, especially in an online game, where consistent behaviour is super important. Tweak Town Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Instead of typical FPS, Jak holds a very special spot in his heart for RTS games. © 1999-2020. Asking a dev to port their titles to a system can take a bunch of time and resources ($$$$$) to actually do, not to mention the hurdles they'd have to overcome to get it run properly and to their own standards. The Nintendo Switch version of Epic Games' immensely popular battle royal experience 'Fortnite' takes some considerable losses in the performance department compared to the other platforms its available on. If anyone can optimize a game like Fortnite for Switch, itll be them. It seems Nintendo Switch users will most-likely never see the day of smooth 60FPS in Fortnite. The Nintendo Switch has quite some trouble running games at 60FPS at 720p, and unfortunately Fortnite will not be one of them. Looks at how to runs Payday 2 vs the PS4, or Residential Evil Revelations 2 vs. Infinity Ward added 120FPS support for Call Of Duty: Warzone on the Xbox Series X.